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Show 488: Wie es vielleicht war by Nights im Bunker

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“Wie es vielleicht war” (“How it might have been”) by Nights im Bunker for Radio Helsinki, Graz – AT

“Nights im Bunker” is some sort of a mistery performance series that is performed once a month at the Forum Stadtpark – a place of production and presentation for contemporary art in Graz. “Wie es vielleicht war” (“How it might have been”) is a radio edit of different performances that the performers of Nights im Bunker did in the last two years.

Performers: Patrick Wurzwallner (drums), Arne Glöckner (guitar), Vera Hagemann (voice), Johannes Schrettle (text)




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radia season 33 – show #491 (radio x) – FROM CHINA
- playing from august 25 to august 31, 2014 -


An acoustic field trip through China and Chinese childhood.

FROM CHINA features Butterland’s radioplay “Childhood Stories”:

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OM 27 – Con-(fi)-re 01

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Čeprav v tokratnem kontekstu ne gre za nikakršno umetniško prvoboriteljstvo, je ‘konceptualna radijska umetnost’ (zopet) našla pot tudi na valove Radia Študent. Tokrat prvič pod okriljem oddaje Otitis Media. Transformacijski potencial OM je tako izkazan s postajanjem-drugo, ki pa (i.e. OM) nikdar ne more postati drugo, prvič že zato ne, ker je z vsakim novim korakom neizkušen, drugič pa, ker ga to obvaruje ultimativne psihoze. Tune in.

Show 490: Hervé Moire & Juan Pablo Espinoza

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Live from Hervé Moire & Juan Pablo Espinoza for the Sonor Festival at the Blockhaus in Nantes (France).

Hervé Moire meets Juan Pablo Espinoza aka JPE for a live where different recordings are processed on live.
Hervé Moire is an électroacoustic musician self-taught, he composed 2 pieces published on the label Aposiopese. His musical universe is composed by field recordings, concrete sound recordings of different objects and acoustic instruments treated and confronted with electronic digressions.
JPE is a composer and a graphic designer working on multimedia and musical projects connected to improvisation, sound effects, electronic music and électroacoustic music. He learns electroacoustic music at the ENMP of Pantin (next to Paris) and composition in the center of Ianis Xenakis (CCMIX). One of its electroacoustic compositions appeared on the French label N-Rec. He is interested in the possible interactions between the music and the contemporary dance and the theater.

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Show 489: Birds of Marrakech

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This week show come no where else than form our very own recorders.
It is a non-linear walk recorded during the opening days of the 2014 Marrakech Biennale.

It all started from a terrace during the 2014 Bienniale opening days, then moved into the streets; among the crowd, the tourists, people wandering into new territories, just to find unexpected sounds and stories.
A quest that brought us into a misused theatre, then back to the streets, into the old town, where the ancient and the modern mix.
To hop into a taxi, where the outside noises slowly faded into soundart and migration stories; then back to where history meet the contemporary, in the frequencies of Marrakech cranes, into a lost flock, and the Muezzins’ prayers.
After days of wanderings and getting lost into the Marrakech dedalus, came an unexpected and healing encounter; but then, it is inevitable to end back again into the crowd until, just turning the corner, everything is relaxed and almost silent.
Just time for a mint tea and the birds come back in, so does the music, and the radios and the car horns.
The new birds of Marrkech.

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Zvoki Sajete

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Avgustovski RARAR prinaša mashup zvokov in muzikalij, posnetih na tamkajšnji zvočni delavnici Boštjana Leskovška, kateremu se ob tej priložnosti zahvaljujemo za posnetke.


Framework #478

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This edition of framework: afield, entitled ‘Liquid’, has been produced by regular contributor D.L. Lutz. For details see the playlist on the framework website.


Show 487: Teddy Love by Hans Kristen Hyrve

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Teddy Love by Hans Kristen Hyrve
for Radio Nova, Oslo

Teddy Love is a homage to modern urges. To your needs. To every listener’s distant longing. Do not resist interactivity; please answer when spoken to, please do as you’re told. That way our common pleasure will reach a modern kind of high.

Hans Kristen Hyrve makes short radio pieces for the National Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on a daily basis. Composes music weekly.

ARTEFAKT 104: Idiot

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Artefakt 103: IDIOT si za zvočno matrico vzame kratki eksperimentalni film Nika Novaka – IDIOT (2013), po istoimenskem romanu Dostojevskega, ki bo svojo premero doživel na letošnjem Festivalu slovenskega filma.


It happened in Switzerland. The first year of his

therapy. At that time he was pretty much an idiot; he

could not even speak properly. One sunny morning,

he climbed up a mountain..

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Framework #477

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This edition of framework is dedicated to the memory of longtime contributor, supporter, and friend, Joe Stevens. His influence on our airwaves will be greatly missed.”

this is a special edition of framework dedicated to the life and work of long time supporter, contributor, and friend, joe stevens, who passed away last week after a battle with pancreatic cancer. his influence on this program will not be forgotten. his recordings have often featured on our airwaves over the past several years; in this edition we sample some of the works that were still waiting patiently for their chance.

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