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This show has two parts:

PART 1 (0’00″-11’00″)

Départ, Arrivée

by Amber Meulenijzer, Lukas De Clerck, Lise Bonduelle

PART 2 (11’00-28’00) =


by Dieter Van Dam, Alma Soderberg and Hendrik Willekens

this piece is an excerpt from a radio remix of the voice performance ‘Idioter’ by choreographer Alma Soderberg & musician Hendrik Willekens. Together they create a concert performance in which Willekens’ music supports Söderberg’s bodily movements and voice. She plays with syllables, intonation, cadence, gestures and dream language - creating a play between intensity and rhythm. The focus is on the flow. In addition the work includes drawings by Willekens: geometric landscapes that disappear into a single vanishing point. He makes these drawings over and over again whereby the expansion of the landscape becomes a theme in the work; each time the viewer is drawn towards the same ‘nothingness’.The audio was recorded in Het Stuk in Leuven on February 19th of this year. The sound recordings were then remixed with both influences for the performance and associated sounds by the artist.



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Posnetek predavanja v okviru razstave NSK – od Kapitala do kapitala.:


Nomadsko anarhokozmistično gledališče Dragana Živadinova


Možno je tudi, da je, pa naj bo duhovna ali posvetna, tiranska ali demokratska, kapitalistična ali socialistična, vedno obstajala samo ena edina Država, država-psica, ki se ‘peni in kriči ko govori’ … Kot skupno obzorje tistega, kar prihaja prej in tistega, kar prihaja potem, ona pogojuje svetovno zgodovino samo pod pogojem, da je ne zunaj, temveč vedno ob strani, mrzla pošast, ki predstavlja način prek katerega je zgodovina v ‘glavi’, v ‘možganih, Urstaat. (Deleuze in Guattari, Anti-Ojdip)

dan mladosti

Poleg tega, da že ob ustanovitvi določi čas svoje samoukinitve in si omeji trajanje na štiri leta, je ena najpomembnejših in hkrati najpresenetljivejših izjav anonimnega gledališkega kolektiva NSK – Gledališča sester Scipion Nasice – vsekakor tista, s katero se to gledališče ogradi od koncepta gledališča kot praznega prostora ter se deklarativno razglasi za državo:

Gledališče med Gledalcem in Igralcem ne obstaja.
Gledališče ni prazen prostor.
Gledališče je Država
. (Scipion Nasice, 1983)

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What comes to your mind if you think of a hidden place? Of a lost place? Of a place you found for yourself alone in the utmost wilderness. Four people share their stories. Mountain walks lead to Ice Elf City across rivers with a strange irridescent blue.

A combination of interviews and fieldrecordings, a rough edit done high up in the sky at night, in an airplace heading back to Berlin, 30.000 feet above the sea.

Jónìna Marta Arnasdóttir, IS
‘Susan Beattie, UK
Halldór Heiðar Bjarnason, IS
Charlotte Law, UK

Poem “Failed walk” and organ snippet by Charlotte Law. Martian language bit originally by Helene Smith (1861-1929).

My greatest thanks to Fljótstunga Residency and to the Goethe-Institut, Munich.

Field recordings & production: Gabi Schaffner/raw audio 2015


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Show 527: We Should Take Nothing for Granted! Listening Conditions for an Alert and Knowledgeable Citizenry  (Radio Student)

“We Should Take Nothing for Granted! Listening Conditions for an Alert and Knowledgeable Citizenry”

by Matthew Biederman, Marko Peljhan, Brian Springer & Aljosa Abrahamsberg

Through the mining of the global radio spectrum for both recognizable voice communications as well as digital communications including encrypted, coded, open and proprietary modes, the work addresses current positions and debates  about the notions and structuring of  privacy, surveillance states, safety and active civic potentials to engage and re-imagine the relationship between the global citizenry and sovereign actors with the military industrial complexes including their visible, opaque and dark structures.
The title is based on Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address of 1961 wherein he warns of the dangers of an unchecked military industrial complex, the extinction of creative free-thinking within higher education, and the extraction of natural resources without consideration for their renewal. The address is extremely relevant today in light of recent revelations of massive surveillance programs, perpetual information and real wars, the reshaping of the university complex and intensified resource extraction. Eisenhower’s speech was not a dark forecast but instead stated that  ‘only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals…’ The text serves as the foundation for a set of Systemic activities in the fields of communications security, data aggregation, analysis and display and retransmission. The work reflects on the conditions for the development of ‘an alert and knowledgeable citizenry’ in societal circumstances that, despite constitutional protections, do not warrant them.

Abrahamsberg, Biederman, Peljhan and Springer have been involved in activities dealing with the art and science of radio and telecommunications through the prism of radio art, technical culture, television, film, conceptual art, electronic music, media arts and tactical media since the 1980′s and 1990′s, in projects such as Ladomir-faktura, Makrolab, and Wardenclyffe. They are currently working on ‘Systemic tactical environments’ implementing the meshing of software defined radios, data aggregation, analysis and display.


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V majski izdaji platforme RADAR predvajamo posnetek performativnega predavanjaSvetlane Maraš v okviru Living Archiva feminističnega kuratorskega kolektiva Red Min(e)d, ki se je zgodil prejšnji teden v MoTa pointu.

Svetlana Maras (1985) is composer and sound artist from Serbia. She studied composition at University of Art in Belgrade, Faculty of Music. In 2010, she had a fellowship in composition at Bang on a Can Summer Institute. Svetlana received her MA at Helsinki Media Lab – Aalto University and she was employed at the same department as a research assistant. Abstract of her thesis was published by the Leonardo Electronic Almanac.Svetlana works at the intersection of experimental music, sound art and new media. Her work encompasses wide variety of forms – live electronic music, performance, interactive sound installations, electro-acoustic compositions, radiophonic pieces, web applications, music for film and theatre. Svetlana is a well experienced improviser – her virtuosic use of laptop (and digital sound more broadly) has been recognized by many and has brought her numerous international collaborations and performances.Her work has been presented at venues and festivals such as  Espace Multimedia Gantner (Bourogne), Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens), Museum of Contemporary Art (Belgrade), A38 (Budapest), Ausland (Berlin), Kunstradio-Radiokunst, Radio Belgrade, ICMC (New York), UCSD (San Diego) and Orpheus Institute (Ghent) among others. She is a member of the ensemble Studio6, member and co-founder of the improvE collective.

Svetlana Maraš: http://www.svetlanamaras.com/

Svetlana Maraš: Where is my sound art? (participative performance and lecture)

Participative performance of the piece Pendulum music (2010) is followed by the comparative analysis of this work and Pendulum music made in 1968 by Steve Reich. This introduces us to the works of conceptual artists and composers from the 1960s’s where we search for the origins of what we recognize today under the term “sound art”. Following the idea of early experimental music as an opposing force to traditional understanding of musicality at large, we are exposed to the examples from history that depict the increasing urge of introducing extra-musical elements in music, which was a driving force for the emergence of sound art.


The Red Min(e)d are Danijela Dugandžić Živanović, Katja Kobolt, Dunja Kukovec and Jelena Petrović. Coming from different backgrounds (feminist theory, contemporary art, cultural production and activism) and from different places Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Belgrade, and Munich), they live and work moving from one place to an other, on the crossroad of common understanding and methods of researching, (re)presenting, curating and mediating contemporary art. Challenged by each others differences, energies and interests the Red Min(e)d works in the constant (re)questioning, exploring and developing possible ways of better understanding, visibility and feasibility of feminist art and art by women artists from the (post)Yugoslav space and beyond.



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Listen to the story of the Videofreex, from some of the original members of the video collective that began in the late 1960s in New York City. After meeting at Woodstock, the video art group was hired by CBS to do “60 Minutes”-meets-”Saturday Night Live” show that gets one pilot made. After that pilot, several CBS executives are fired. But Abbie Hoffman hires members of the group to write the pirate broadcasting chapter in “Steal This Book” and pays them with video transmission equipment. So the Videofreex head upstate to Greene County and start Lanesville TV, what might be America’s first pirate television station. Interviews are excerpted here from many sources: Skip Blumberg and Parry Teasdale speak at a recent Dorsky Museum talk about the group, broadcast by Wave Farm Radio. Jon Nealon, the filmmaker at the helm of the just-released documentary, “Here Come the Videofreex!” is also interviewed here, as is Andrew Ingall, the curator of the show about the group that is at the Dorsky Museum through July 2015. Videofreex are represented by Video Data Bank in Chicago.




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Sobota, 9. maj :: Tobačna 5 (prostori Cirkulacije 2) :: 16.00–22.00
/direkten prenos na 89,3 MHz: 16.00–19.00 in 20.00–22.00

S ponosom vas obveščamo, da bomo ob 46. obletnici Radia Študent, na dan zmage proti okupatorju, izvajali že šesto celodnevno radijsko procesualno instalacijo Odprte radijske raziskovalne platforme RADAR!

Po celonočnem petkovem rajanju na Metelkovi vas torej vabimo na celodnevno sobotno hrupno druženje v Tobačni!

Sodelujoči: 300.000 Verschiedene Krawalle, Theremidi Orchestra, Cirkulacija2, Muzeološko-tehnični laboratorij Radia Študent, After ArtefaktLanx SaturaZergon (Synaptic) in drugi.

Vizualije Fšk&Linx (Boštjan Čadež in Lina Rica)

Gastronom: Luka Počivalšek



16.00 :: Muzeološko-tehnični laboratorij Radia Študent (MTLRŠ)

17:30 :: Artefakt Lanx Satura matineja

18.00 :: Theremidi Orchestra

18.30 :: Artefakt Lanx Satura večerja

19.00 :: Tolpa bumov Orchestre Du Montplaisant (RŠ) / C2 Impro Intro to 300.000 V.K.

20.00 :: 300.000 Verschiedene Krawalle

21.00 :: Zergon – live (Synaptic)

22.00 :: C2 Impro Outro

Vizualije: Fšk&Linx (Boštjan Čadež in Lina Rica)

Gastronom: Luka Počivalšek

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OM 35

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OM 35

(foto: oddajnik na Krvavcu)

- 22. aprila je AKOS (Agencija za komunikacijska omrežja in storitve Republike Slovenije)objavil vsebinska izhodišča, na podlagi katerih namerava pripraviti javni razpis za digitalno radijsko omrežje v Republiki Sloveniji (DAB+, multipleks R1) ter javni razpis za podelitev pravic razširjanja radijskih programov v digitalni tehniki.

freeform FM Radio

- novembra 1967 je Tom Donohue objavil manifest z naslovom “A rotting corpse, stinking up the airwaves”.

- radio art?

- frequencya rt? [sic]


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“Interstellar Sounds” is an experimental sound work where we can hear all together sound from outer space, NASA historical archives and many other sounds and natural radio broadcasts from far stars.

It’s better to hear it with earphones and with closed eyes to rise all the details of this work.
The masterline of this radio work is the sentence “We aren’t travel in the space alone”
At the same time, humans usually think they are the center of the universe and they are seeking and searching another life outside Earth, maybe to learn from them, but why not human race could be looking for life outside to feel like a superior race.
A sound project produced by Chuse Fernandez for TEA FM Radio Workshop


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V soboto, 21. marca 2015, smo v KSEVT-u v Vitanju prisostvovali forumu o evropski vesoljski strategiji kulturalizacije vesolja, kjer so Aleksander Zorn, Iztok Geister, Dragan Živadinov in Miha Turšič iz različnih smeri vstopili v vprašanja o odnosih med nacionalnim, evropskim in planetarnim razumevanjem človeških aktivnosti v vesolju. V posluh.

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