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Show 576: Lala Raščić: Evil Earth’s Notebook (Radio Student)

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2016-04-14-show-576-lala-raščić-evil-earth’s-notebook-radio-student-55331Evil Earth’s Notebook is the spoken word segment of the project Evil Earth, realized by visual artist Lala Rascic during her residency in Ljubljana at the Cultural Center Tobacna and her collaboration with Radio Student.

In Evil Earth’s Notebook one hears Rascic read quotes, notes, loose associations, and custom-software generated text in the hypnotic-poetic  verbal performance exploring the notions of landscape, mountains, new optics, vertical imaging and remote perspective.

Evil Earth is a project dealing with the representation of landscape under contemporary conditions of visuality. As Marjorie Hope Nicholson outlines in Mountain Gloom, Mountain Glory, the shift in mountain attitudes in writings of the English poets of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries came about due to advances in science and technology, Evil Earth explores the cognitive shift happening today. The basic question asked is how does our perception and understanding of nature, earth and our environment change under the influence of contemporary consumer modes of visualization and screen technologies?


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ESA Residency Award 2016

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001The call for residency at the European Space Agency is out for digital artists, innovative concepts and ideas in the field of art, science and technology. Already fourth residency is a part of European Digital Art and Science Network of seven art institutions, among them also Kapelica Gallery.

The Network

In cooperation with seven artistic & cultural institutions as well as ESA–European Space Agency, CERN and the ESO–European Southern Observatory, Ars Electronica launched the European Digital Art and Science Network, an international initiative offering artists the chance to spend several weeks at the CERN, the ESO and the Ars Electronica Futurelab. The network aims to link up scientific aspects and ideas with approaches used in digital art. Fostering interdisciplinary work and intercultural exchange as well as gaining access to new target audiences are among its declared goals. There is also strong emphasis on art’s role as a catalyst in processes of social renewal. By creating images and narratives dealing with the potential risks and rewards inherent in technological and scientific development, artists exert an important influence on how our society comes to terms with these innovations.

ESA Residency Award 2016

After three successful cycles of the art&science Residency Award, we are very happy to present our new scientific partner for the fourth residency in the realm of the European Digital Art and Science Network: ESA – the European Space Agency. The residency will again be part of the „European Digital Art and Science Network“ initiated by Ars Electronica and seven cultural partners throughout Europe (Center for the promotion of science, RS – DIG Gallery, SK – Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation, ES – Kapelica Gallery / Kersnikova, SI – GV Art, UK – Laboral, ES – Science Gallery, IE) with the support of the Creative Europe Program of the EU. Artists from any country are invited to apply for a residency at the ESA. This call is open for digital artists, innovative concepts and ideas in the field of art, science and technology.


Posted on | April 11, 2016 | Comments Off on ÜberŠkrip

2016-04-11-überškrip-55121ÜberŠkrip je najmlajši družinski član trilogije Škrip. Zvočna verzija predstave (ekskluzivni mix za RADAR/RŠ: Aldo Ivančić).

Škrip vsakič spodleti bolje.
ÜberŠkrip je najmlajši družinski član trilogije Škrip.
ÜberŠkrip je žrtev mode našega časa v novi Škrip preobleki.
ÜberŠkrip prazni domove in polni gledališča.
ÜberŠkrip je nova doba svetovne zgodovine, v kateri sodeluješ tudi TI.
ÜberŠkrip je želja, da bi nekaj ustvaril, in potreba, da bi to uničil.
ÜberŠkrip ima oblast nad tvojim ZA in PROTI.
ÜberŠkrip je človekova fiziološka potreba.
ÜberŠkrip je preroški ptič, ki gleda nazaj, ko napoveduje, kaj se bo zgodilo.
ÜberŠkrip je avtorsko delo.
ÜberŠkrip je besedilo za uprizoritev.
ÜberŠkrip je orožje – vzemi ga v roke!
ÜberŠkrip je za ljudi in živali.
ÜberŠkrip je Terminator.
Bolj kot prevlade strojev se moramo bati ÜberŠkripa.
V resnici se moramo bati obojega, ÜberŠkripa in dronov.
ÜberŠkrip je srčni prekat svetovne volje.

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GILBERTO ESPARZA: Autophotosynthetic plants light installation // Vžigalica gallery

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Digital Art and Science Network’, carried out by the Gallery Kapelica in cooperation with international partners and co-funded by the Creative Europe program of European Union. The hosting was supported by the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation for Development and the Mexican embassy in Vienna.

The cohabitation of organic and electronic elements in an artistic installation enables the production of electric energy that sustains the life of this green biotope. This self-sufficient system of plants and microorganisms is capable of surviving human pollution and destruction of nature. The installation with its post-apocalyptic appearance entices the audiences to think about the possible dystopian scenarios where there is no more people on Earth.
The uniqueness of the project is in the establishing of a symbiosis between the bacteria, the plants and the electronics that balances the chemical and biologic processes which support their survival in a hostile environment. The artist, whose starting point are catastrophically polluted rivers that in industrial and overpopulated places serve only a place for waste discharge, has created a hybrid infrastructure where the fuel cells, made of waste-eating bacteria, light up the plants that grow in an isolated space. The polluted water drips through the series of microbe-powered fuel cells and finally purified exits them to water the isolated plants that live homeostatically among other microorganisms (protozoa, crustaceans, microalgae and other water plants). The project received the Golden Nika award at the Ars Electronica festival in 2015 in the field of hybrid arts. /Galerija Kapelica/

GILBERTO ESPARZA (1975) is a Mexican artist that includes electronic and robotic means in his works to explore the impact of the technology on everyday life, on social relations, on environmental and urban structures. The current focus of his artistic exploration, often in collaboration with research institutions, are alternative energy sources. His work includes consumer technologies, intended for recycling, and biotechnological experiments. He received  awards on the Life 09 and Life 13 Fundación Telefónica festival in Spain, and an honorary mention along with the Golden Nika award at the Ars Electronica festival.


Show 574: Travel Sounds (TEA FM)

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2016-04-07-show-574-travel-sounds-tea-fm-54444Cuando viajas, un mundo de sonidos, ambientes y voces crece y evoluciona a tu alrededor. Es un buen ejercicio prestar atención a ese universo sonoro para descubrir aquellos detalles escindidos tras una voz de niño, una llamada de aviso o un motor lejano.


When you make a journey, a world of sounds, voices environments grows and evolves around you. It is a good exercise to pay attention to the sound universe around you to discover those details split after a child’s voice, a call warning or a distant motor.

A sound work from Chuse Fernandez with sound captures from Aragon, Spain and Colombia.

The Collection as Will and Representation v Galeriji ŠKUC

Posted on | April 5, 2016 | Comments Off on The Collection as Will and Representation v Galeriji ŠKUC

Vabilo_Zbirka-1-1Lenka Đorojević, Zora Stančič, Mladen Stropnik, Roman Uranjek

You are kindly invited to the opening of the show on Tuesday, 12th April, at 8 pm.

Collecting has a long history, which has followed various rationales, motivations and policies, while as wholes collections have formed and represented corpora of knowledge and/or forms with different claims of legitimacy. While by definition (at least, in principle) public collections should strive to be based on certain objective criteria and be legitimised by underlying expertise, private ones are shaped mostly by personal interests. The subject of the exhibition The Collection as Will and Presentation sharpens the focus on a specific type, an artist’s collection.

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Show 573: Other (Radio Panik)

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Librement inspiré de “Huis Clos” de Jean-Paul Sartre, cette création
radiophonique est animée par trois personnages principaux : deux
femmes et un son (la voix de Sartre inclue). Ces trois là échangent,
se rencontrent puis se détestent… Laissant place à la coalition ou à
sa dissolution. Il s’agit d’aborder cette manière dont l’autre nous
forme par son regard… et comment l’on souhaite alors manier ses yeux
qui nous forment. Et puis finalement abandonner… s’abandonner.

Ou peut-être que cette pièce aborde une autre triangulation celle de
deux langages cherchant à dessiner un code commun.

Entre le bruit et le silence, tracer un chemin vers la compréhension.
Ou alors il s’agit peut-être simplement de vous et de votre autre vous
Ou alors il s’agit peut-être de moi et de mon autre moi ….

Une réalisation d’Anne Lepère
Avec Lenka Luptakova
Mars 2016
Durée : 24’10

Carte Blanche : Radio Panik for Radia
Merci à Guillaume Abgrall, Leslie Doumerc, Pierre De Jaeger

Show 572: Jacovitti & The Salami (Radio Klangendum/Worm)

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worm-54442There is comic writer Benito’s Javovitti’s underestimated promotion of the Salami AN SICH, as a concept, as a weapon, as an ideology. And there is a growing scene of Salami awareness around the world… An underground cult that is still under the radar but will inevitably find world domination – or at least some form of tax evasion.

So with the spicy taste still in his mouth, Dr Klangendum went and looked for some entities that could explain him the basics of Salamiism.

Italian Salamist; Stefano Giannotti

Scottish Salami Scientist; Jim Whelton

One Bad Word Could Lead You To Hellfire; Sheikh Mansur Al-Salami

Research; Silvia Scaglioni

Text; LG Simonis, J Whelton

Idea, music, editing; Dr Klangendum 2

special thanks to Noodle Bar for Noodle Machine’s first assignment.

more special thanks; FVP

Show 571: Taxonomy of sonorous order (Radio Orange 94.0)

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Categorising, tagging, assigning and conducting research as a creative process. Where do art and order come together? How do artists use archives or archived material? Does the digital card index therefore need a digital artist? How can digital archives be handled artistically? What are the interests of community radio stations? What is the infrastructure like? Lale Rodgarkia-Dara and Karl Schönswetter want to use a live (radio) performance to transform material from archives and on-site recordings into a live feedback transmission and thereby establish a seamless transition between a reticent lecture and an in-your-face live show. What happens if the public annotates the transmission and creates a new work of art out of the archive molasses? An acoustic overwriting of a long day of busy conferencing mixed with archive material from the conference participants. Well, now we know.

Lale Rodgarkia-Dara and Karl Schönswetter from Vienna used an analog catalogue of the Cultural Broadcasting Archive and Live-Recordings from the conference “Radio Archives in European Community Media” to activate free radio archives.
“Taxonomy of sonorous order” was recorded 6th june 2015 in Halle.
Twitter-Feed of Live-Performance-Feedback-Looping here: #c4ptch4


Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke v KC Tobačna: Saturation

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saturation-680x961Matthew Biederman se v KC Tobačna 001 predstavlja z razstavo Saturation.

Tvorijo jo trije njegovi projekti – Perspection, ki ga razvija skupaj s Pierceom Warneckejem, R+G+B in Odštevanje barv.

PERSPECTION razvija skupaj s Pierceom Warneckejem. Projekt je odzivna avdio-vizualna instalacija, ki s pomočjo uporabe optičnih in zvočnih iluzij preizkuša zaznavne procese gledalca. Poleg Perspection bosta predstavljena še Biedermanova solo projekta R+G+B in Odštevanje barv. Perspection se igra z našim zaznavanjem zvoka in vida z video projekcijami na več različno usmerjenih projekcijskih površin. Vsebina projekcij se odziva na način, da te začnejo tvoriti iluzijo enega samega zveznega zaslona.
Raznotere iluzionistične tehnike so bile v zgodovini umetnosti uporabljene za to, da gledalcu prinesejo iluzijo sveta izven omejitev dejanske fizične lokacije. Z uporabo tehnologije za zvočno in vizualno premestitev gledalca tudi današnje računalniško generirane podobe in navidezna resničnost ponujajo nadgrajene, razširjene svetove. Perspection načela gradnje teh predstav sprevrača – predvajani zvok in vsebino projekcije aktivno prilagaja glede na zaznano pozicijo gledalca v dejanskem fizičnem prostoru, s tem pa ozavešča nezanesljive mehanizme naše percepcije.
Instalacija raziskuje razmerja med zvokom in sliko skozi serijo generativnih avdio-video kompozicij, ki jih tvorijo tako sinhroni kot med seboj nepovezani vizualni in zvočni učinki. S prepletom optičnih in zvočnih iluzij se razmejitev med fizičnim in projekcijskim platnom giblje od jasnih do zabrisanih, s tem pa se predoča razmislek o naravi naših zaznavnih procesov.

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