Erasmus On Air

27. 4. 2015 - 13.00

Erasmus On Air je nova oddaja skupine študentov na Erasmus+ izmenjavi, ki hkrati sodelujejo tudi pri International Student Gathering Ljubljana vsak petek v Živko Skvotec v Rogu. (Bolj ali manj) vsak drugi ponedeljek ob 12. uri bodo nekateri izmed "Erasmusovcev" predstavljali različne problematike - od študentskih do širše družbenih, o katerih tudi razpravljajo na tedenskih srečanjih.

Tukaj lahko poslušate prvo in uvodno oddajo, ki so jo pripravili Mereth, Tom in Rapolas. Govorili so o novi oddaji, International Student Gatheringih in Erasmus izmenjavi v Sloveniji.



Erasmus On Air is the new radio show, which is prepared by students on Erasmus+ exchange, who are also working with International Student Gathering Ljubljana. These gatherings are going on every Friday in Živko Skvotec in Rog. (More or less) every second Monday at 12 o'clock Erasmus students will prepare a show about different problem - from student to society at large, which are also debated on weekly meetings.

Here you can listen the fist and introductory show from Mereth, Tom and Rapolas. They talked about new show, International Student Gathering and Erasmus+ exchange in Slovenia.



The concept of the gathering is simple and not an original one - some people felt frustrated from the beginning about the offers that universities and local student organizations were offering for the exchange students - from ridiculous parties and pub crawls in the same clubs, with the same exceptional discounts every week for the same drinks, to renting cars from some companies that surely makes a good profit out of the students. So some of us from the beginning didn’t wanted to subscribe to this think-globally-fuck-locally logic of doing exchange and started to gather regularly every week in Živko Skvotec in Rog to have a sort of self organized and autonomous students and non-students gathering where we would do presentations and discussions on different topics that people would like to discuss or share.

It probably happened naturally that people started presenting things that they can relate to, that they have some experience about or things that they felt are worth discussing. So for example in the first semester we heard presentations on topics as broad as sharing global empathy to very specific topics such as current situation of Roma people in Czech Republic. Also, quite a lot of presentations were about events or processes that were happening in real time, such as the debt crisis in Greece, the Kurdish struggle in Rojava and Turkey or representation of Russia in European media. And probably the aspect that people who in one or another way had some personal experience with certain subjects, also that we came from places as distant from each-other as Siberia and Spain made the gatherings a viable experience of direct knowledge exchange and a platform for discussions that have some political or social background.

Besides that it was an interesting experiment of building a self-organized structure in a limited time-frame and for some it was the first time to participate in some sort of collective organizing. It was and still is a sort of autonomous school of autonomy if I can put it this way.



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Super ideja, super oddaja. Pohvale uredništvu.


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