Dr. Dre je uspel narest grozn komad

28. 5. 2015 - 20.00


... Atlanta in Houston pričakovano skadila, o tem pa več v oddaji in Sivem panterju...
... Tyler na Twitterju objavil konec Odd Futurov...
... Juicy J zaradi izčrpanosti hospitaliziran...
... Ghostface Killah priznal, da je tudi sam zamenjal glas Action Bronsona za svojega in se vprašal kdaj je spisal tisto kitico...
... Flavor Flava aretirali zaradi precej prehitre vožnje v domačem Las Vegasu. Poleg vožnje brez veljavnega vozniškega dovoljenja in pod vplivom določene substance so v avtu našli še marihuano...
... Eminemov Marshall Mathers je ta teden praznoval 15 letnico od izida...
... Lil B po tem, ko je pred leti postavil urok nad Duranta, sedaj trdi, da mu je Harden ukradel ples in ga ni ustrezno omenil kot originatorja, zato urok postavlja še nadenj...


1.) PETE ROCK: Heaven & Earth
4.) A$AP ROCKY ft. SCHOOLBOY Q: Electric Body
6.) KEMBE X & DANNY BROWN: Hereditary (2 Bitches)
7.) GOLDSMITH ft. ACTION BRONSON: Onesy And Slippers
9.) DR. YEN LO: Day 811
10.) DR. YEN LO: Day 70
11.) ONRA ft. BLACK MILK: That's Me
12.) YOUR OLD DROOG: Senseless Killn' II
13.) MOBB DEEP: Hide Away
14.) MOBB DEEP: All About It
15.) PRHYME: Courtesy (Marco Polo Remix)
16.) FREDDIE GIBBS: My Dope House
17.) FRANK NITT: Classic
18.) EASY MONEY: Money And Blood
19.) MADCHILD: Devils And Angels
20.) MICK JENKINS And THE O'MY's ft. JAYIN: Peace Of Mind
21.) KENDRICK LAMAR: Vegas (Snippet)

Dogaja, dogaja: 



6.1.2015 STARVIN B: Starvicide
13.1.2015 NACHO PICASSO & BSBD: Stoned & Dethroned (SRFSCHL Recording)
13.1.2015 DMX: Redemption Of the Beast (Seven Arts Music)
20.1.2015 JOEY BADA$$: B4.Da.$$ (Pro Era/Cinemƒatic Music Group)
20.1.2015 LUPE FIASCO: Tetsuo & Youth (Atlantic Records)
20.1.2015 SADAT X: Never Left (Loyalty Digital Corp.)
20.1.2015 THE AUDIBLE DOCTOR: Can't Keep The People Waiting EP (AMD Music)
20.1.2015 HANNI EL KHATIB: Moonlight (Innovative Leisure Records)
26.1.2015 EUROZ: Age Of Aquarius Ep
27.1.2015 DOOMTREE: All Hands (Doomtree Records)
27.1.2015 KIDD CALLED QUEST & KING RIGHTEOUS: Young Black And Restless (New Era Boom Batt)
27.1.2015 EARLLY MAC: God Knows Ep
27.1.2015 TWIZTID: Darkness (Ingrooves)
27.1.2015 JARRY MANNA: The Elevator
27.1.2015 RAZ SIMONE: Cognitive Dissonance Part 2
27.1.2015 RAVEN SORVINO: Lifestyle Ep
27.1.2015 JOMOR SWIFT: Gene$is
27.1.2015 REY RES: Heart Of The City 
27.1.2015 DEREK MINOR: Empire (Entertainment One Music/ENT. ONE MUSIC)
27.1.2015 KENN STARR: Square One (Mello Music Group)
27.1.2015 BEYOND THE GRAVE: Visons Of Mithra (Rap And Revange)
21.1.2015 KING I DIVINE: Modes Of Chill
27.1.2015 LEE BANNON: Cope (Chillectro, Baby Grande Records)
28.1.2015 B. DOLAN: House Of Bees 3
29.1.2015 SHUKO: For The Love Of It (Peripherique)
3.2.2015 EARTHGANG: Shallow Graves for Toys (Spillage Village Records; Empire Distribution)
3.2.2015 OPEN MIKE EAGLE: A Special Episode Ep (Mello Music Group)
3.2.2015 TeeFLii: Starr
3.2.2015 CHILLxWILL: Almighty (Ill Adrenaline Records)
3.2.2015 SOULJA BOY: Loyalty (SOD/Rich Gang/Universal)
3.2.2015 MR SHADOW & RASKAL: Street Bangerz (Music Access Inc.)
3.2.2015 TONA: Carpe Diem (Da District Entertainment)
3.2.2015 NIKO IS: Brutus (Colours Of The Culture)
9.2.2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS: Jakarta Records presents Winter In Jakarta (Jakarta Records)
10.2.2015 GLASSES MALONE: Gh2: Life Ain't Nuthin' But (Empire Distribution)
10.2.2015 KID INK: Full Speed (RCA)
10.2.2015 TAMEONE: Skwadzilla
10.2.2015 LIL SNUPE: R.N.I.C. 2 "Jonesboro"
10.2.2015 RICH GANG: Rich Gang 2
10.2.2015 SCHOOLLY D: Saturday Night! The Album (Expanded Edition) (Funky Town Grooves)
10.2.2015 POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS: Holy Intellect (Expanded Edition) (Funky Town Grooves)
10.2.2015 KOOL MOE DEE: How Ya Like Me Now (Expanded Edition) (Funky Town Grooves)
10.2.2015 WILEY: Snakes & Ladders (Big Dada Recordings)
10.2.2015 DEATH GRIPS: Powers That B (Harvest Records)
10.2.2015 HEZEKIAH: Dreams Don't Chase Themselves (Raw Koncept)
10.3.2015 FATGYVER: Talk To Strangers (Redefinition Records)
10.2.2015 TONY PATAGONIA: Art Of The Hustle (Seven Oddities Records)
10.2.2015 AMERICAN POETS 2099: In Pro's Laboratory 3 (ChamberMuzik)
10.2.2015 UNION BLACK: Street English (Effiscienz)
17.2.2015 G.R.: Spazzin Out (Go Harder Ent.)
17.2.2015 JARREN BENTON: Slow Motion (Volume 1) (ep) (WEA)
17.2.2015 MEGA RAN & STORYVILLE: Soul Veggies (Brick Records)
17.2.2015 J DAWG & LIL C: Connected & Respected 1 (Oarfin Records)
17.2.2015 BEANZ & RIZE: Beanz & Rize (Fahrenheit)
17.2.2015 SOLE & DJ PAIN 1: Patterns of Life 
17.2.2015 SLIM THUG: Hogg Life: The Beginning (Empire Distribution)
17.2.2015 JOEY FATTS: Ill Street Blues
17.2.2015 TAIWAN MC: Diskodub (Chinese Man Records)
17.2.2015 DEE-1: 3's Up Ep (RCA)
17.2.2015 U-GOD: The Keynote Speaker (Reissue) (Baby Grande Records)
17.2.2015 FLIP: Reflections (Ill Adrenaline Records)
17.2.2015 BODEGA BAMZ: Sidewalk Exec (Duck Down Records)
17.2.2015 DELUXE: The Deluxe Family Show (Chinese Man Records)
17.2.2015 STARLITO: Black Sheep Don't Grin (Empire Distribution)
17.2.2015 TRAE THA TRUTH: Against Everything (Oarfin Records)
24.2.2015 CHRIS BROWN & TYGA: Fan of a Fan: The Album (RCA)
24.2.2015 BIG SEAN: Dark Sky Paradise (Def Jam Records)
24.2.2015 VOLI: The Wall
24.2.2015 MALIK B & MR. GREEN: Unpredictable (Enemy Soil Records)
24.2.2015 BADBADNOTGOOD & GHOSTFACE KILLAH: Sour Soul (Lex Records)
24.2.2015 Z-RO: Melting The Crowd (Rap-A-Lot Records)
24.2.2015 DEMRICK & CALI CLEVE: Losing Focus (Battle Axe Records)
24.2.2015 DREW DAVE: SynthBASED (Mello Music Group)
24.2.2015 J-MERK & B.B.Z. DARNEY: Born Dead (Justus Music)
24.2.2015 CAPER: Soldier Of Life (Darkstarz Records)
24.2.2015 TREE: Trap Genius 
24.2.2015 INFINITO:2017: Antieverything (Kamau Chieng)
24.2.2015 EVIL INTENTIONS: Food of the Gods (Goldminded Records)
24.2.2015 FASHAWN: The Ecology (Mass Appeal Records)
24.2.2015 ROOSH WILLIAMS: Unorthodox 
24.2.2015 OMNISCENCE: The God Hour (Gentleman's Relief Records)
24.2.2015 NUTSO: Divided Soul Ep (selfreleased)
27.2.2015 MC SADRI: Innere Stimme (DIHH Das ist Hamburg)
28.2.2015 CLEAR SOUL FORCES: The Cheat Codes Ep 
1.3.2015 KRAYZIE BONE: Chasing The Devil (RBC Records)
2.3.2015 MAHD: 13 (MAHD)
3.3.2015 G-UNIT: The Beast Is G-Unit Ep (G-Unit Records)
3.3.2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS: Skeleton Key Vol. 1 (Music Access Inc.)
3.3.2015 CANNIBAL OX: Blade of the Ronin (iHipHop Distribution)
3.3.2015 SOLOMON CHILDS: The King Kong Of New York (ChamberMuzik)
3.3.2015 TUXEDO (Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One): Tuxedo (Stones Throw Records)
3.3.2015 JOHN ROBINSON & CHIEF: We The Prolific (Feelin' Music)
3.3.2015 ROYAL FLUSH: Grand Capo (Grand Papa Tra)
3.3.2015 ECID: Pheromone Heavy (Fill In the Breaks)
3.3.2015 RATKING: 700-Fill Ep 
3.3.2015 THEORY HAZIT: The Fall of the Light Bearer (Soulspasm)
9.3.2015 FREDDIE GIBBS - Pronto Ep 
10.3.2015 DIAMOND DISTRICT: March On Washington Redux (Mello Music Group)
10.3.2015 HEEMS: Eat Pray Thug (Megaforce)
10.3.2015 MOD SUN: Look Up (Rostrum Records)
10.3.2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS: Persona (Mello Music Group)
10.3.2015 LORD FINESSE: The SP1200 project: A Re-Awakining (Expanded Edition) (Slice-Of-Spice/Bossmen)
10.3.2015 KING LIL G: 90s Kid (Mih Entertainment)
10.3.2015 LEWIS PARKER & EASTKOAST: MK Ultra: Operation Hypnosis (King Underground)
10.3.2015 HELL RAZAH: Digital Dope (ChamberMusik)
10.3.2015 JISE: The Passion Of (Creative Juices Music)
13.3.2015 DIRTYDIGGS: Rodman Lp (
17.3.2015 OMNISCENCE: The God Hour (Gentleman's Relief Records)
17.3.2015 DA MAFIA 6IX: Watch What U Wish
17.3.2015 FATHER: Who's Gonna Get Fucked First? (Awful Records)
17.3.2015 ILLUS & DJ JOHNNY JUICE: KaBoom
17.3.2015 BERNER: 20 Lights (Bern One Entertainment)
17.3.2015 GRAND DADDY I.U.: P.I.M.P. (Paper Is My Priority) (Steady Flow Enterprises)
17.3.2015 SUBSTANTIAL & THE OTHER GUYS: The Past... Ep
17.3.2015 J-DIGGS & JACKA: Mobb Nation (Thizz Nation/Romp't Out)
17.3.2015 DA UNDA DOGG: In With The Old Out With The New (Pushin Dope Productions)
17.3.2015 J-LIVE: His Own Self (Mortier Music)
17.3.2015 BIG SHUG: Triple Ogzus (Brick Records)
17.3.2015 WEBBIE: Money Good
17.3.2015 THE PURIST: Pyrex Scholar
20.3.2015 ACTION BRONSON: Mr. Wonderful (Atlantic)
20.3.2015 KENDRICK LAMAR: To Pimp A Butterfly (Top Dawg Ent./Aftermath/Interscope)
20.3.2015 DIRT PLLATOON: Bare Face Robbery (Effiscienz)
23.3.2015 EARL SWEATSHIRT: I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside (Tan Cressida Records/Columbia Records)
24.3.2015 BONE THUGS: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (Siccness)
24.3.2015 RAPPER BIG POOH: Words Paint Pictures (Mello Music Group)
24.3.2015 ALLAN RAYMAN: Hotel Allan
27.3.2015 BUDDHA MONK: Zu-Chronicles Vol. 2: Like Father Like Son (ChamberMusik)
31.3.2015 LUDACRIS: Ludaversal
31.3.2015 RODNEY HAZARD: Victim Volunteer
31.3.2015 KLAUS LAYER: Restless Adventures + For The People Like Us (Redefinition Records)
31.3.2015 OUTASIGHT: Chasing Tha Ghost (10 Spot)
31.3.2015 YOUR OLD DROOG: Your Old Droog 
31.3.2015 DEATH GRIPS: The Powers That B
31.3.2015 MARK BATTLES & DIZZY WRIGHT: Lost In Reality
31.3.2015 WALE: Album About Nothing (Maybach Music Group/Atlantic)
31.3.2015 BILLY WOODS: Today, I Wrote Nothing (Backwoodz Studioz)
31.3.2015 CHUUWEE and JR & PH7: The South Sac Mack. (Below System Records)
4.4.2015 CURREN$Y: Pilot Talk 3
7.4.2015 MGK: Coast 2 Coast 208
7.4.2015 RAZ SIMONE: Baby Jesus
7.4.2015 ACEYALONE: Action
7.4.2015 RED PILL: Look What This World Did To Us (Mello Music Group)
7.4.2015 MR. GREEN: Live From The Streets (Duck Down Records/VICE)
7.4.2015 YOUNG FATHERS: White Men Are Black Men Too (Big Dada Recordings)
14.4.2015 DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE: Playlist: The Very Best Of Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
14.4.2015 TYLER, THE CREATOR: Cherry Bomb (Odd Future)
14.4.2015 BODEGA BAMZ: Sidewalk Exec (Duck Down Music)
14.4.2015 DJ EFN: Another Time (Redefinition Records)
14.4.2015 SPIT GEMZ: Godly Features
14.4.2015 PROJECT PAT: Mista Don't Plaz 2: Everythang's Money (Entertainment One)
17.4.2015 YOUNG THUG: The Barter 6 (300 Entertainment)
18.4.2015 MC LYTE: Legend
20.4.2015 FLOSSTRADAMUS: Soundclash Ep
20.4.2015 CURRENSY: Even More Saturday Night Car Ep
21.4.2015 LAELO: Deeper Than Plenty, Higher Than Most
21.4.2015 BEATS BY RUDEBWOAY: Oxygen Mask (Bølgemaskin)
21.4.2015 YELAWOLF: Love Story (Shady Records/Interscope)
21.4.2015 ALCHEMIST & OH NO: Welcome To Los Santos (Mass Appeal Records/Rockstar Games)
21.4.2015 SUPRALIMINAL: Supra Cum Laude
21.4.2015 TRINIDAD JAMES: Trips To Trinidad Ep
21.4.2015 TIM GENT: Clarksville Nights
21.4.2015 DRAKE: If You're Reading This It's Too Late (Cash Money/Republic Records)
21.4.2015 BLACK ROB: Genuine Article (Slimstyle Records)
21.4.2015 ShaMANIC: The Artist
21.4.2015 MAEMON CORLEONE: 6750 (Northbook Recordings)
21.4.2015 L'ORANGE & JEREMIAH JAE: The Night Took Us In Like Family (Mello Music Group)
24.4.2015 JARV DEE: Satellites, Swishers And Spaceships (MoorGang)
28.4.2015 CLEAR SOUL FORCES: Fab 5ive (Fat Beats)
28.4.2015 WORDSMITH: Apt. 507 (Nu Revolution)
28.4.2015 RAEKWON: Fly International Luxurious Art (Ice Water Music)
28.4.2015 WORDSMITH: Apt. 507 (Nu Revolution)
28.4.2015 YOUNG ZEE: Musical Meltdown (Gentleman's Relief Records)
28.4.2015 JSOUL: The Purple Symphony (Hipnott Records)
28.4.2015 THE KNUX: Eleven (Rebel House LLC)
28.4.2015 BLUEPRINT: King No Crown (Weightless Records)
28.4.2015 SCIENZE: A Traveling Man Ep
28.4.2015 JONWAYNE: Jonwayne Is Retired Ep
28.4.2015 INSANE CLOWN POSSE: The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost (Psychopathic Records)
28.4.2015 PHILADELPHIA SLICK: Earth Rocks Harder (Badtape Music)
28.4.2015 BAD LUCC: Off The Porch (Diamond Lane Music)
5.5.2015 eMC: The Tonite Show (Penalty Entertainment)
5.5.2015 LYRICS BORN: Real People (Mobile Home Recordings)
5.5.2015 ODDISEE: The Good Fight (Mello Music Group)
5.5.2015 ONYX: Against All Authorities Ep (Goon Musick)
5.5.2015 KNXWLEDGE - Hud Dreems (Stones Throw)
5.5.2015 S.T.S. & RJD2: S.T.S. x RJD2 (RJ's Electrical Connections)
5.5.2015 AGALLAH: Agalito's Way (Propain Campaign)
5.5.2015 NAPPY ROOTS: The 40 Akerz Project (Nappy Roots Entertainment Group)
5.5.2015 TECH N9NE: Special Effects (Strange Music)
5.5.2015 JOE MOSES: Brackin (All Out Bosses Ent)
5.5.2015 GEMSTONES: Blind Elephant (Xist Music/Malaco)
5.5.2015 DAMU THE FUDGEMUNK: Public Assembly 2 (Redefinition Records)
5.5.2015 WILLIAM COOPER: God's Will (Gemstarr Regime)
11.5.2015 BISHOP NEHRU: Nehruvian: The Nehruvian Ep (Mass Appeal)
11.5.2015 MAGESTIK LEGEND: Legend Has It
12.5.2015 SNOOP DOGG: Bush (Sony Music Entertainment)
12.5.2015 LIL DURK: Remember My Name
12.5.2015 TROY AVE: Major Without A Deal (BSB Records/Empire Distribution)
12.5.2015 VURSATYL: Crooked Straights Ep (BBE Music)
12.5.2015 KOOL KEITH: Total Orgasm (Junkadelic Music)
12.5.2015 STARVIN B & FEL SWEETENBERG: Soul Museum (Effiscienz)
12.5.2015 LONG ARM: Kellion: The Stories Of A Young Boy (Project Mooncircle)
12.5.2015 PREFUSE 73: Rivington Nao Rio (Temporary Residence)
12.5.2015 CANIBUS & BRONZE NAZARETH: Time Flys, Life Dies... Phoenix Rise (RBC Records)
12.5.2015 HODGIE: American Dreamin'
16.5.2015 DR. YEN LO: Days With Zen Lo (Pavlov Institute Records/Mondieu Music)
19.5.2015 RICO LOVE: Turn The Lights On
19.5.2015 GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW: A Thoughtverse Unmarred (Mello Music Group)
19.5.2015 CAMP LO & SKI BEATZ: Ragtime Hightimes (Nature Sounds)
19.5.2015 MURS: Have A Nice Life (Strange Music)
19.5.2015 DJ K.O.: Living Out A State Of Mind (Elementality Productions)
19.5.2015 LOUNGE LO: Drop City (ChamberMusik)
19.5.2015 TWISTA & DO OR DIE: Withdrawal (EMPIRE Music)
26.5.2015 A$AP ROCKY: At.Long.Last.A$AP (RCA Records)
26.5.2015 MYKA 9 + FACTOR: Famous Future Time Travel (Urbnet Records)
26.5.2015 DIZZY WRIGHT: The Growing Process (Funk Volume)
26.5.2015 FRANK NITT: Frankie Rothstein (Fat Beats Records)
26.5.2015 EA$Y MONEY: The Motive Of Nearly Everybody, Yo (Showoff Records)
26.5.2015 KAIMB: Bronze Horse (Humble Monarch Recordings)
26.5.2015 ALCHEMIST: Israeli Salad (Alc Records)
1.6.2015 WAKA FLOCKA FLAME: Flockaveli 2
2.6.2015 JEDI MIND TRICKS: The Thief And The Fallen (Enemy Soil Records)
2.6.2015 LIL DURK: Remember My Name
2.6.2015 RESPECT THA GOD: Work Ethic (Creative Juices Music)
2.6.2015 RAZ FRESCO: Pablo Frescobar
2.6.2015 TROY AVE: Major Without a Deal (BSB Records)
2.6.2015 DOM KENNEDY: Dom Kennedy
2.6.2015 LARGE PRO: Re:Living (Fat Beats Records)
9.6.2015 GODS'ILLA: Believe In Gods'Illa (Hipnott Records)
9.6.2015 DENZEL CURRY: 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms Ep
16.6.2015 CAPONE-N-NOREAGA: Lessons (Penalty Ent.)
16.6.2015 KILLAH PRIEST: Planet Of The Gods
16.6.2015 ARAABMUZIK: Dream World
16.6.2015 CZARFACE: Every Hereo Needs A Villain (Brick Records)
23.6.2015 TRAE THA TRUTH: Tha Truth
23.6.2015 SKYZOO: Music For My Friends
23.6.2015 ESTEE NACK & PURPOSE: 14 Forms: The Book of Estee Nack (Ill Adrenaline Records)
23.6.2015 PETE ROCK: Petestrumentals 2 (Mello Music Group)
30.6.2015 DIDDY: MMM
30.6.2015 VINCE STAPLES: Summertime '06
30.6.2015 GAME: Documentary 2
30.6.2015 APATHY: CC: Weekend At The Cape Ep (Dirty Version Records)
30.6.2015 APATHY: The Black Lodge (Dirty Version Records)
30.6.2015 PUSHA T: King Push
7.7.2015 STATIK SELEKTAH: Lucky 7 (Duck Down Records)
14.5.2015 MAYDAY: Future Vintage
15.7.2015 BOOSIE BADASS: Touchdown 2 Cause Hell
24.7.2015 MADCHILD: Silve Tongue Devil
31.7.2015 MIGOS: YRN Tha Album (Quality Control/300 Entertainment)
14.8.2015 BLACKALICIOUS: Imani Vol. 1
28.8.2015 YOUNG THUG: Hy!£UN35 (300 Entertainment)
6.10.2015 C-RAYZ WALZ: The Kangol Kid


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