Burning Flags

Burning Flags

1. 9. 2015 - 23:00
 / Subway

S U B W A Y 9 7 4 / 1 2 6 9   torek, 1/9.2015. ob 23-ih

Novi bootleg lp starih švedskih hardkorovcev No Security. Frišni split ameriških crusterjev Vastation in War//Plague ter split grških Zvarna in Jagernaut. Prvi album imajo tudi angleški Burning Flag. Od koncertov: Fatum, AK 47, Hellback, My Own Voice, We Had A Deal, Splitting The Sky in Save The Embers.

NO SECURITY - "In This Country That I Call Fucking Home" Bootleg LP 2015

– Ett Rent Helvete

– Hardcore Rebeller

– Masskontroll

WAR//PLAGUE - "United in Darkness" split ep w/. Vastation (2015, Profane Existence, Organize and Arise)

– Centrifuge


– Shadowless Void 

- Born In Chains

ZVARNA - split EP w/. Jagernaut (2014)

– Το Μαύρο το Χάλι

– Ανάσα Ζωής

- Τι θ' Απογίνει


– Giants

– Eπιδημική Παρθενογένεση


– Burning Flags

– Broken

– Crash and Burn

FATUM - "Life Dungeon" LP 2015

– The Flame

AK47 - "Protiv imperijalizma - novi svijet nosimo u srcima" CD (2008, DHP)

– Akcija

HELLBACK - "Dvije lobanje" Demo 2013

- Požegi

SAVE THE EMBERS - "Ashes and Embers" CD 2015

– Everett

– Day By Day


– Rage (2015)

WE HAD A DEAL - "Counting Leaves" EP 2015

– YOYO (You Are On Your Own)

MY OWN VOICE - "SOngs for the Mutiny" CD 2013

– Siamo tutti antifascisti

Od koncertov:

(petek) 4.9. Ljubljana, Orto bar: Save the Embers; Splitting the Sky, Castiels,

(petek) 4.9. Zagreb, Reciklaonica: Fatum, Hellbeck, Namet, Akromatopsija;

(sobota) 5.9. Ljubljana, Gromka: Fatum, AK47;

(sobota) 5.9. Maribor, Pekarna: Save the Embers; Splitting the Sky;

(nedelja) 6.9. Zagreb, Medika: My Own Voice, We Had A Deal, Namet;

No Security
Burning Flag

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