Episode 10 - The Other Side

Episode 10 - The Other Side

14. 1. 2021 - 21.30

Episode 10 - From the Other Side @ 9:30 pm on Radio Student 89.3FM. Listen Live on  https://radiostudent.si

"I think that might be a bit of that west coast character, people all along the West Coast are just more relaxed and less worried about things."
"I felt totally plucked out of my world and thrown into a completely different world ... I didn't fit in."

What does it look like from the other side? I talk to two Slovenians from different walks of life who found themselves building a life in Canada, and find out what influenced their decision to do so.

Episode 10 features two pre-recorded guest conversations. My first guest is Blažka Felicijan, 26, from the town of Vransko, who moved from Slovenia to Canada via the Netherlands to complete her Masters of Political Science at the University of British Colombia, UBC. She shares with us her experience with moving to Canada and what she's learned in the process of becoming a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant.

My second guest is Marko Lipovšek, 37, a musician, and a sculptor of wood and metal. Originally from Trbovlje, he found his way to Canada via artist cooperative houses in the Netherlands in his youth and after his group submitted a creative piece to the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock, Nevada. Marko's first time in Canada wasn't what he expected, and we learn how he and his family made the choice between Slovenia, and Canada, ultimately deciding to settle in Port Hope, Ontario.

Soundtrack list:
- Lauv - Canada (feat. Alessia Cara)

- Dizzy Strings - Rebel Clown

Intro: Hutch Maxwell - Coconauts
Outro: Hutch Maxwell - Experimental

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