Episode 9 - Driving While Alien

Episode 9 - Driving While Alien

12. 11. 2020 - 21.30

Episode 9 - Driving While Alien @ 9:30 pm on Radio Student 89.3FM. Listen Live on https://radiostudent.si

What does it take for an alien resident in Slovenia to drive? Host Chris Lee and the author of the legal programme "Prav" at Radio Študent, Žan Zupan, dive deep into the Driver's Act tonight and its requirements for foreigners in Slovenia who seek to change their existing license.

Show notes:
Driving while Alien showcases the 14-month effort taken to exercise the right of a Canadian-licensed foreigner to change to a Slovenian license, highlighting the personal experiences of host Chris Lee. Guest Žan Zupan assists in deciphering the legal process.

We'll tackle some questions like:
- "Why do you need to 'pre-apply' to apply for a Slovenian driver's license?"
- "Why is my previous license insufficient for proving my existing license is real?"
- "Why are they asking me for a marriage certificate with a Slovenian partner so I can drive?"
- "Why do they take my original license and where does it go?"

Soundtrack list:
- Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

- Incubus - Drive

- Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

Background: fujitsu - riptide

Intro: Hutch Maxwell - Coconauts
Outro: Hutch Maxwell - Experimental

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