Kriket pojedina

20. 11. 2021 - 18.00

We talked to few members of Ljubljana Cricket Cricket (LJCC) team and we get to know each other,

We will talk about the story of our sportsman’s, how they chose Slovenia and whether the sport that brought them together, or whether they in fact brought back once again. What they do in life besides the sport, and how do they experience life here? As well the history of the game in Yugoslavia and in Slovenia. The story of Ljubljana Cricket Club and its achievements.

The T10 European Cricket series that took place in Croatia,Split. 

How sport unites people and is a Good tool for dialogue and integration , and how multiculturalism can create diversity in many aspects as in this case for the sport.

And also about the Master scholarship programme for the bright students from the Third-World countries, And how this can seem as a chance to many of those who presuming two finish their studies with a scholarship abroad.


Cultural corner:

Tamikrest members come from the town of Kidal in northern Mali, where they gathered in 2006. The civil war plunged them into exile, and in the refugee camps they came into even more contact with American rock and blues, which they already added to the traditional music of their country. 
War and conflicts prevent the essence of cultural sharing, the reason why a member of the band couldn’t make it while he was not able to cross the region in which there is a conflict to file for his visa.
The Western ear in Tamikrest music, of course rock and blues patterns and easily marks it as desert blues or rock, With hypnotic clapping of hands, and hard-to-match rhythms. 

We went to take a look and hear music from their last album Tamotait (2020) in Gala Hala, Metelkova.



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