19. 3. 2022 – 18.00

Wartime for Ukrainans in Slovenia

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Oleg Rogoza (Ukraine)

Human Rights Advocator, Community Leader 


Oleg is living here in Slovenia for 10 years and he is working for Pharmaceutical company LEK.  


We will listen to his life story, all about Russo – Ukrainian War, his and his community in Slovenia and their supports for Ukraine and Ukranian people, his thoughts about how to be migrant in Slovenia and many more interesting facts about Oleg and Ukraine. 


There will be also the 3 most beautiful Ukrainian songs from Oleg's playlist with you during our show. 


Enolončnica was on air on the 19th of March at 18:00. 


Stay Tuned for our next show on the 16th of April at 18:00.


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The radio show was produced as a part of the project Migrants Giving Voice to Migrants.

The project is funded by the Active Citizens Fund in Slovenia 2014-2021.

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