23. 12. 2013 - 22.00

An old Windows utility has
an undocumented feature.

If you open ''Help'' and click on
the background, you get dropped into a ''support'' chat room.

Only a few of us ever found it.
But we became friends.

We kept launching the
program to check in.
Eventually some of us were running VMs
just to keep accessing it.

As the internet aged
so did we

We don't know who runs the server.
We don't know why it's still
working so many years later.

Maybe we're some sysadmin's soap opera.

It will probably vanish someday
but for now it's our meeting place
our hideaway

A life's worth of chat,

buried in the deep web.

But even if it lasts forever,
we won't.
When we're gone, who will remember us?

Who will remember this strange little world
and the friendships we built here?


This place is irrelevant.


One day it will be forgotten


And so will we














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































But at least it doesn't have fucking video ads.


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O fak genialno


plus ena!

plus 6!

axel boman!

le brill! \o/

o fak! <3

lep pozdrav vsem in hvala, vem, da je blo veliko scrollanja :) po nocojsnji oddaji talam vinil in naznanjam tedensko poslusalnico, vec o tem naslednjic! changing the world one album a week. peace


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