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Best labels of 2022

///////////////////////////////////////////////best releases///

★19 labels in alphabetical order and 19 of their best-of lists in no particular order★


Absurd Trax //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Joyul - Earwitness (Helicopter Records)

Annika Zee - Bleu [AT-028] (Absurd TRAX)

lain os is online vol. 1: at last, lain is free [AT-030] (Absurd TRAX)

Slowcore Revolutions (Doomcore Records)

Bios Contrast -  Dragon Rising (無害)

R000000M w/ Luna Woelle - 01/06/2022 (HKCR)

shimmer w/ didi & aichakushi - 18/11/2022 (HKCR)

Hideo Kojima presents Brain Structure (Spotify)

Merely - Sculpture (YEAR0001)

Wong Williams - i just wanna be rich



Artetetra /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Steve Pepe - Arabia per Delfina (Random Numbers)

Iota - Certified Parallel Universe Boy (self-released)


v/a - SKiN GRAFT Records Presents​.​.​. Sounds To Make You Shudder! (SKiN GRAFT Records)

Richard Wagner, arranged by David Kanaga - Soft Valkyrie (First Day from The Ring of the Nibelung) - Director's Cut (self-released)

Pasamoan Art Initiated - Camin Taruih (Das Andere Selbst)

Selezione Naturale - Nova Mundi (Gang of Ducks)

Dewa Alit and Gamelan Salukat - Chasing the Phantom (Black Truffle)

Matteo Coffetti - Embryo FuraFura (Pampsychia)

새눈바탕 Bird's Eye Batang - 손을 모아 Flood Format (공중도둑 (Mid-Air Thief))

Salamanda - ashbalkum (Human Pitch)

Visio - Privacy Angels (Haunter)


Sebastiano De Gennaro - Musica Razionale (19'40")

Carl Stone - Gall Tones (Unseen Worlds)

Romain de Ferron - Ravi (KRAAK)

Vic Bang - Burung (Moon Glyph)



Exiles //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Eszelős Meszelős – Erdősáv-dalok (Dióbél)

asvanyviz2 – terraforma (self-released)

AIWA – Temerarious Disposition (Infinito Audio Network)

Maks – 013 (Műhely)

Soutien Gorge – Tarskapcsolatodban (Touched Music)

Kalamár Ádám – F.O.M.O. (self-released)

VA – Urbsounds​`​Unpolished Fidelity (Urbsounds)

J. Mono – Redate III (Dalmata Daniel)

lanuk – drnwrks II (kossava)

Triglav – The Overwhelming Indifference of Nature (self-released)

Nagy Emma Quintet – Synced (Unit Records)



ZS​Ü​JA – Live at Transcendent Waves (Free Sequence)

swanasa | Intonal Winter Assembly 04.11.2022

tigrics | drone​@​tilosradio_30112022

noahstas live at UH Fest 2022

Crimson @ Daad Gathering 2022




Genot Centre //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Aleksi Perälä - Unity I - III III III and Cycles 2-12 (self-released)

cadeu - EX (Hyperboloid)

DJH & sv1 - voids (self-released)

goo age - Open Zone (Orange Milk)

Heoliene -  2022 04 01 EP (deuveir)

Jura - Formality Jerne​-​Site (ANYINES)

Nina Pixel - Ancestral Archeology (weltschmerzen)

33EMYBW & Gooooose - Trans​-​Aeon Express (SVBKVLT)

otomoni - super u (outlines)

quit life + bloodz boi - 365 (YEAR0001)

TIBSLC - Hypertranslucent (Sferic)

VISIO - Privacy Angels (Haunter)




Gin&Platonic /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

aircode – Grounded (Alien Jams)


Amselysen – Organe Solaire (Genot Centre)

Safa – Ibtihalat (UIQ)

Kavari – Suture (self-released)

ulla – foam (3XL)

Aylu – Profondo Rosa (Mana)

Félicia Atkinson – Image Language (Shelter Press)

Tokyo Drift – Scorpio Season (self-released)

Vanessa Rossetto – The Actress (Erstwhile Records)

Yunzero – Butterfly DNA (West Mineral Ltd.)

Rat Heart – Ratty Rids The Clubs From The Evil Curse Of The Private School DJ's (Shotta Tapes)

TT – Performance Enhancers (TT)

Mhm, Mhm – CALLING FOR A PEOPLE TO COME (Parkwuud Entertainment)

Ura – Baby With A Halo (Motion Ward)




i.u /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Alex G - God Save the Animals (Domino Recording Co Ltd.)

incredible music by songwriting mastermind Alex G and wow what an incredible producer he has proven to be again.

Love where he's going and so excited for what's more to come. Bless his soul.

Will see him playing live for the first time in 2023 and I'm beyond excited. probably my fav album of 2022.

Chris Olsen - Human! Sound! —> & or the record i could never finish )Van Dank)

lovely playful music that really feels comforting to me yet written very intelligently.

love the many layers the production has especially the vocals. also, the last song "Her Notebook" is stunning.

also big fan and supporter of Van Dank, the selection has always been very strong and personal. I'm very excited for things to come.

lighyer - Wongk Dust (2019-2022) [summon] (album visualizer)

this was actually a modem discovery for me! So thanks Matej ;o)

I really love the sound quality of this album, it gives low fidelity sampler vibes and it's very inspiring to see how certain samples are repeated and mangled together

I especially like "I was wrong". love the uncanny feeling you get from the time measure being all twisted yet there's repetition and it feels very intimate and melancholic. good title.

RLX ASSASSYN - Lost Since We Started Following Insects into the Woods (MIND CLUB)

this release opened 2022 so well. I mean, all-round amazing production: consistent yet always original. Always impressed by rlx assassyn.

claire rousay - it was always worth it / ilysm (Mended Dreams)

this is technically a late 2021 album, but I had to include it because it has been so influential for my work this year.

wonderful combination of field recording, synths and spokenword.it feels like a collage of many things, listening to this is like listening to a story. love claire rousay!



Marco Lucch - Ut (self-released)

Kenji - Edge of the city (supernalsofttouch)

Arseny Avraamov - Symphony Of Factory Sirens 

John Hassell - Seeing Through Sound (Pentimento Volume Two) (Ndeya)

Travis Laplante - Wild Tapestry (self-released)

Cities Aviv - Man Plays the horn (D.O.T. Audio Arts)



(video description) "How to Kill Yourself Using the Inhalation of Carbon Monoxide Gas"




(text) Musaeum Clausum, Thomas Browne

(video) all parts of Jerry Hunt's "Four Video Translations"

(video) LOEWE | 継ぐは、非凡 (music by Phew)

DeJ Loaf - Try Me





IW /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Sineraw - Emulation of Us (CLAM)

Matteo Coffetti - Embryo FuraFura (Pampsychia)

Loto Retina - 2022 (Promesses)

Kinked & Señor Service - Reincanto / Real Bwoy (Split) (Artetetra)

ASP doze - ASP doze (Biome Tapes)

Ship Sket - Neurosex (self-released)

ordnas - seqensa (self-released)

Lethal Tender - Empire Illusion (Nonlocal Research)

Fellsius - Jom / Kai (TREKKIE TRAX)

Jung DJ - Sonifications of Price (surf)




Jollies //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Reinartz – Dances (Appendix.Files)

ouri – self hypnosis tape (Lighter Than Air) 

Nuke Watch – NukE Watch (The Trilogy Tapes) 

Tekla Perterson – Heart Press (Geographic North)

Best Available Technology – Fixing Until Broke (Accidental Meetings) 

kritzkom – Autosampler (Hard Return)

Eustress – Twin (Blinx) 

Új Bála – Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II (Self Released)

Cerrero & Viivi María – Cumbia de las almas extrañas (Llorona Records) 

KATE NV – bouquet (RVNG Intl.)




Kumo Communication ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

かこちゃんず - よくわからなかった

Kaho Matsui

Kenji - Covers for Sex Magazine (supernalsofttouch)


Monker178 - Bamboo Dj Tool (Club Paradiso)

Blorpus Editions

Next Year's Snow

DRONE OPERATØR - Welcøme to Anxiety Group (Participant)



Komatsu Kazumichi - 7% (Ether, Club Asia, 20210619)


Flea Label - Worst Band of All Time

冷水乃栄流 - Not Found for Orchestra




mappa ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I wish all the best for the new year to all my favourite and most persistant Eastern European labels. Lots of fresh energy my friends __ Genot Centre, Gin&PlatonicLOM, MondojMuscutPointless GeometrySkupinaStoned To DeathWarm Winters Ltd., Weltschmerzen.


Adam Badí Donoval – Sometimes Life Is Hard And So We Should Help Each Other (The Trilogy Tapes)

Adela Mede – Szabadság (Self-released)

Ihor Tsymbrovsky - Come, Angel (Infinite Fog Productions)

Ludwig Wandinger - Spiritual Decay (Gin&Platonic)

Aleksandra Słyż - A Vibrant Touch (Warm Winters Ltd.)

Nikolaienko - Nostalgia Por Mesozo​́​ica (Muscut)

Sofie Birch & Antonina Nowacka – Languoria (Mondoj)

András Cséfalvay - Future Role of the Church in the Forthcoming Environmental Transformation (Weltschmerzen)

Tokyo Drift - Scorpio Season (Self-released)

Andrew Oda  - Back To The Body (mappa)

Robotic Folk - Volume One (LOM)




Mizuha 罔象 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Yawning Portal - Notice the Direction of Fires (self-released)

Azrel - 9 (Single)

innerinnerlife - This is for U (Transatlantic)

ESP - Frostbite (self-released)

Negative Architecture - Gardening (self-released)

Courtesy - Night Journeys (Kulør)




Mondoj //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Robotic Folk - Volume One (LOM)

plantar - Forest, Sea, Harmony (self-released)

Treasury of Puppies - Mitt stora nu (self-released)

Olli Aarni - Koko maailma (Students of Decay)

Piotr Kurek - World Speaks (Edições CN)

Oort Smog - Every Motherfucker Is Your Brother (AKP)

Matt Evans - Soft Science (Moon Glyph)

Liew Niyomkarn - I Think Of Another Time When You Heard It (self-released)

Les Halles - Eight Fantasies (self-released)

Fievel Is Glauque - Flaming Swords ("la Loi")

Andrew Oda - Back To The Body (mappa)

Wojciech Rusin - Syphon (AD 93)

aylu - Profondo Rosa (Mana)

v/a - Tales Of, Vol. 2 (i.u)

Andy Loebs - Flexuous Vertex (Orange Milk)

more eaze - Strawberry Season (Leaving)

Cucina Povera & Ben Vince - There I See Everything (ECSTATIC)

Bogdan Raczynski - ADDLE (Planet Mu)

Tomáš Niesner - Bečvou (Warm Winters Ltd.)

Lieven Martens - Música Azul (Edições CN)

Pimpon - Pozdrawiam (Pointless Geometry)

Ryterski - Gaymers’ Cheatsheet (Pointless Geometry)

claire rousay - everything perfect is already here (Shelter Press)

Vic Bang - Burung (Moon Glyph)

Atte Elias Kantonen - POP 6 SUSURRUS (mappa)

Patrick Shiroishi - Evergreen (Touch)

Euglossine - Some Kind Of Forever (sound as language)

more eaze - oneiric (OOH-sounds)

Melatony - Droga do REM (Pawlacz Perski)

Silvia Tarozzi & Deborah Walker - Canti di guerra, di lavoro e d‘amore (Unseen Worlds)

Nikolaienko - Nostalgia Por Mesozóica (Muscut)

DJ GÄP / Ami Yamasaki / Fero Király - Less is Sound (Proto Sites)


Stereolab - Pulse Of The Early Brain (Switched On Volume 5) (Duophonic)

Placid Angles - 056 (The Lotus) (AD 93)

Gospel - The Loser (self-released)

Trhä - tálcunnana dëhajma tun dejl bënatsë abcul’han dlhenic ëlh inagat, jahadlhë adrhasha indauzglën nu dlhevusao ibajngra nava líeshtamhan ëf novejhan conetc danëctc qin, ëf tu dlhicadëtrhënna bë ablhundrhaba judjenan alhëtangrasë shidandlhamësë inqom (self-released)

Visions of Yōkai - ONE UNKNOWN IN THE DEPTHS OF THE DEPTHS (self-released)

GUDSFORLADT - Friendship, Love and War (self-released)

Worm - Bluenothing (20 Buck Spin)

Desiccated Productions - Hyperdontia / Septage (self-released)

Faceless Burial - At The Foothills Of Deliration (Me Saco Un Ojo)

Effluence - Sarmat (self-released)

INNUMERABLE FORMS - Philosophical Collapse (Profound Lore)

Anatomia / Undergang - Split LP (Me Saco Un Ojo)

Phobophilic - Enveloping Absurdity (Prosthetic)

ABOLITION RITUAL - Cosmonemesis (self-released)

Vacuous - Dreams of Dysphoria (self-released)

Urushiol - Pools of Green Fire (Augur Tongues)

Ataraxy - The Last Mirror (self-released)




MONTAGE //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

lloydfears - Saint & Ogre (Postworld)

Beautiful little EP featuring rap and some cute flemglish voice calls.

Katarina Gryvul - Tysha (Standard Deviation)

Ukrainian Singer Katarina amazes with her work on Ukrainian label Standard Deviation. Be sure to buy this one, they’re putting their funds to good use.


Amazing Splinter-cell styled breaks from London’s Alfie! 

the fertile crescent - strategy of two heavens (xquisite)

Second in our list from London’s Exquisite Records. This might be one of our favorite labels atm.

tibslc - How To Open Your Eyes In The Eye Of A Sandstorm (self-released)

Our long distance friend Iona makes amazing music and you should check it out.

Kitchen Cynics - Strange Acrobats (Cruel Nature)

Scottish underground legend still puts out beautiful folk, even at his n-th release. Really looking forward to his next projects! There might be some collaboration in the works ;)

Ikävä Pii - Process Fatigue (early reflex)

This sweetheart makes lovely music. Sounds fresh and new to us, which becomes more and more rare!

crash830 - floor (Lillerne)

Alter-ego of Ben Bondy on Lillerne Tapes, one of the leading labels of the US ambient scene at the moment. The tape gives us beautifully laid-back synths and guitars.

Bridget Ferrill & Áslaug Magnúsdóttir - Woodwind Quintet (Subtext)

Laura described this one as her favorite UFO of the moment.

ljj555998 - moremore is good (FunctionLab)

This is a tiny electronic workout, using trancey deconstructed sounds in a very cute context.

Ura - Baby With A Halo (Motion Ward)

Who thought brostep sounds could become so deconstructed and beautiful? 

Apu Nanu - Cloudnest (self-released)

Cute & melodic dance music single. Why don’t more people make fun melodic stuff??

Richie Culver - I was born by the sea (REIF)

Standout track here is Daytime TV. It’s amazing how Richie manages to capture a sense of paralyzing dread. His collab with Pavel Milyakov is also worth checking out!




Most Dismal Swamp ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Organ Tapes - 唱着那无人问津的歌谣 / Chang Zhe Na Wu Ren Wen Jin De Ge Yao (worldwide unlimited)

Clavicvla - Degeneracy of the 5th Density (Cyclic Law)

the fertile crescent - strategy of two heavens (xquisite)

Cel Genesis - Shallow Dream (self-released)

CANDY - Heaven is Here (Relapse)

Keeley Forsyth - Limbs (The Leaf)

KMRU & Aho Ssan - Limen (Subtext)

Primitive Man - Insurmountable (Closed Casket Activities)

Racine - Amitiés (Danse Noire)

aircode - Grounded (Alien Jams)

Stefano Pilia - Spiralis Aurea (Die Schachtel)

Kali Malone - Living Torch (Portraits GRM)

Farwarmth - A Blue Wind is Now (Soul Feeder)

KAVARI - Suture (self-released)

Anti-God Hand - Wretch (American Decline)

VISIO - Privacy Angels (Haunter)

Sarahsson - The Horgenaith (Illegal Data)

Stabbing - Extirpated Mortal Process (Comatose)

Heith - X, Wheel (PAN)

Coby Sey - Conduit (AD 93)

Wojciech Rusin - Syphon (AD 93)

Vacuous - Dreams of Dysphoria (Dark Descent)

Tzompantli - Tlazcaltiliztli (20 Buck Spin)

More Eaze - The Joker (ECSTATIC)

33 - 33-69 (C.A.N.V.A.S.)

Senyawa - The Prey and the Ruler (Room40)

Dane Law - blue forty-six (Blue Tapes)

Andrew Cyrille, Qasim Naqvi, and Wadada Leo Smith - Two Centuries (Red Hook)

Crypt Rot - An Ancient Summoning (self-released)

Iceboy Violet - The Vanity Project (2 B Real)

Abul Mogard - In A Few Places Along the River (self-released)

Meshuggah - Immutable (Atomic Fire)

Katarina Gryvul - Tysha (Standard Deviation)

Miedo Total - Augury By Birds (Unizone)




Nonlocal Research //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

ASP doze - ASP doze (Biome Tapes)

ioa beduneau - Fracas & Frêles bruits (self-released)

Sam Scranton - Body Pillow (self-released)

Lieu Niyomkarn - I Think of Another Time When You Heard It (self-released)

Metra.Vestlud - Coalyqsta (Bamboo Shows)

Jadis 3000 - In Silico (Nul Si Découvert)

Poborsk - Nouvelles Mutations (Nul Si Découvert)

Anibal Bley - Nube, Vol.1, 2, 3 & 4 (hacele)

Lavina Yelb - Otra Vez Otra (self-released)

Delmore FX - Scompaio (Das Andere Selbst)

Bloedneus & de Snuitkever - MILLI MILLE (KRAAK)

Romain de Ferron - Ravi (KRAAK)

Dhavali Giri - Live @ KRAAK Festival 2022 (KRUT)

goo age - Open Zone (Orange Milk)

Kinked & Señor Service - Reincanto / Real Bwoy (Split) (Artetetra)

Alexandra Spence - a veil, the sea (Mappa)

Andrew Oda - Back To The Body (Mappa)

Kensho Nakamura - Electric Rust (Mappa)

Shopworn - How Could Children Disturb Internet Dialoguè (Pedicure)

psilosamples - PSILOBOT (self-released)

Mitch Stahlmann - Into The Wish (Mondoj)

sleep dial - theabsenceofcolor (self-released)

woopheadclrms - Let’s go to the zoo (i.u)

woopheadclrms - Decolorized idylls (Glamour)

orchidvial - SENSORIK (Glamour)

luvtoshima - 4rest (Exiles)

xtclvr - sippin’saline (self-released)

XS217FDNSBA0192 - unto 4 (Ukiuki Atama)

tal egg - spontaneous laughter (Ukiuki Atama)

Loto Retina // C_C - Live Split (Prix Libre)

Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes - Mounds of Liquids (Lost Dogs Entertainment)

Purelink - Puredub (Lillerne)

Slowfoam & Neilll - kindly (Lillerne)

galen tipton - nymph tones (self-released)

Atte Elias Kantonen - POP 6 SUSURRUS (Mappa)

Holobiont - Holobiont (COPYRIGHT420)

mu tate - The body is round (self-released)

Matteo Coffetti - Embryo FuraFura (Pampsychia)

Vic Bang - Burung (Moon Glyph)

aylu - Profondo Rosa (Mana)

Madalyn Merkey - Puzzle Music (Mana)

Fenêtre Ovale - Compilation #4 (Fenêtre Ovale)

Dubble Trouble  - Two Dolphins (self-released)

XoArk - 6:18 / 10:13 Cinema mode (self-released)

F. Ampism - The Radical Stop (Ikuisuus)

Lee Evans - Minkowski Labyrinth (self-released)

Olli Aarni - Koko maailma (Students of Decay)

Nuke Watch - Nuke Watch (The Trilogy Tapes)

Mister Water Wet - Top Natural Drum (Students of Decay)

Mas Guerrero - Dreck Powder Elysium (self-released)

more eaze - Strawberry Season (Leaving)

HOCHIWAH - Forge (self-released)

Igor Dyachenko - Objects (self-released)

Yunzero - Butterfly DNA (West Mineral Ltd.)

Pontiac Streator - Sone Glo (West Mineral Ltd.)

Tomi Yard - Ending Tape (Groovedge)

Infant - Spire (IW)

Ervin Omsk - Room for 3 People (IW)

v/a - From Computer with Love (vol.4) (Dautzenberg Press)

2022 04 01 - heoliene (deuveir)

S A D - Studia Spiritual (12th isle)

Bear Bones, Lay Low - EXTANOC I: Disciples du Joutra (self-released)

乃​٥​乃 // O (Mus Joutra)

Second Nature - pentu (surf)

mos fet & entres - [surf031] (surf)

Riding Fences - Sage Martens (Edições CN)

Transactions in Time - Daphne X (czaszka (rec.))

Lamin Fofana - Here Lies Universality (Avian)

Altrimenti - Stop! Motion! (Riforma)

Ubaldo - MANUAL [ D. m. d. J. ] (self-released)

Glassine & Sam Haberman - Radial (cachemedia)

Tilth - Renewal (cachemedia)

accou - Rhyme Nor Reason (Possible Motive)

Chronic Illness - Kraus (Artsy)

Intersecting Gradients - Casual Observer (Artsy)

Wash Club - Live at DMNTD’Or (self-released)

Les Halles - Eight Fantasies (self-released)

Pasamoan Art Initiated - Camin Tarih (Das Andere Selbst)

ulla - foam (3 X L)


Melcòr - Îl!es (Le Cabanon)

GuruConnect - Illness (ILLGENIC)

Piezo - Kimchi (self-released)

Chance Images - “So Inept” (self-released)


Nikolaienko - Nostalgia Por Mesozóica (Muscut)




Pampsychia /////////////////////////////////////////////////////

ASP Doze - ASP doze (Biome Tapes)

Atte Elias Kantonen - POP 6 SUSURRUS (Mappa)

Cabo Boing - Real Gems For Little Jewels (Haord)

Hans Arsen - Liquids (self-released)

Il Flusso del Libero Suono - Canti Panici

Kensho Nakamura - Electric Rust (Mappa)

Madalyn Merkey - Puzzle Music (Mana)

Metra.Vestlud - Coalyqsta (Bamboo Shows)

orchidvial - Sensorik (Glamour)

Otomoni - super u (Outlines)

Oyubi - Earnin It (Trekkie Trax)

pentu - Second Nature (surf)

Radio Hito - Voce Lillà (KRAAK)

Vic Bang - Burung
 (Moon Glyph)

xaxi - Bitácora (self-released)




Awe IX (Quantum Natives) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Gr33d - car audio reels






Dashboard of a new platform


Brad Troemel - The NFT Report


A palette cleanser for the next pyramid scheme


OPEN-chan flying into the Kaohsiung night


Always Open (skies)


Lord Lovidicus - Telperion And Laurelin / Kano feat. D Double E & Ghetts - Class of Deja



Tolkienesque broadcasts


HorizonZero Dawn: Forbidden West - Ploughhorn reboot song scene


4th world harmonising with the hard reboot sequence before farming the land under the satellite dishes


The mat-like thing I have been crocheting out of my mum’s old yoga garments torn into strips and tied together like you would an improvised rope in a prison cell


Internet Historian - That Zone Between Area 50 and 52


Naruto-running headlong into the annals of legend


Shaun - Harry Potter


Plotholes in Neoliberal world-building



( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cendol)

And anything else primarily made of pandan, coconut and sugar


Nidhogg 2


Specifically my brother and i relentlessly throwing longswords at each other in a mist of multicolored pixel blood one afternoon


Game Maker’s Toolkit


Because theres so much that goes into the decorated algorithms we interface with


Joel Haver - RPG series


Slacker datamosh of pathos & empathy


Stable Diffusion / Midjourney / Dall-E 2 / Artbreeder

Whatever AI / Machine Learning art will become its fun to play with (although not that fun to look at)


Gene Wolfe - The Book of the New Sun


“the colored days that had so long been drawn forth like a chain of conjuror’s scarves come to an end”




Radio Benska ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

FLAG21 - I've been covering this collective (on LaidOffNYC's now deceased monthly column RIP) since the pandemic and they keep getting better and better. On a trip to Tokyo this fall, Riona and I met up with NowLedge and his energy is as great in person as it is in his music. He recommended going to KATO MASSACRE, a weekly Wednesday night party held at FORESTLIMIT, and we lucked into the 400th anniversary party. I don't say this lightly, it was the most life affirming musical experience I've attended. As Nowledge put it: it is "Tokyo's purest party." Between visiting the Island of Enoshima for guerilla street performances in the underpass of a bridge on the Pacific Ocean to 8 hours of passionate, music-obsessed DJs and performers covering, quite possibly, every musical genre in one day at OPPA-LA, MASSACRE is a mega-vibe.

peterparker69 (Jeter + Y ohtrixpointnever) - spiderman4

NowLedge - 最高潮

Termite Class of 22 - Sigil, Hex, Shryne, or whatever generally "occult" thing you wanna call it, is so fun. It's termite art at its finest,: spontaneous, sexy, subversive. In the Mojave over the summer, gone AF with the CLAM PRESSURE boys, OOSKULLY's SEXXTAPE III put the cosmic defibrillator right on my brain and I looked up and all the stars were connected in one giant network.    


|||252||| Crxxked Wxrld prod.shimaelok





@shaudbop - lets fkn rock!

@0zyyd - friday pt. 2

2shanez AKA SHA666Y - (ATMZR) toilet bowl love song (zero)


Ukraine - an insanely dire situation that only looks to be getting worse as rumors of a Jan-Feb ground invasion of Moldova surfaced in the past few weeks. Donations most definitely accept here: https://helpingtoleave.org/uk or if you want to see direct results updated every few days: https://t.me/proof_of_war - While you're doing that, listen to these artists:

Vziel Projet




sasha very

Surrogate sigma

Hidden Element

Denis Polyakov








Voin Oruwu


Хор «Осоння» & Whaler


Or, fuck it, I killed this mix of everything listed above.

Milwaukee - There's no time for ZZZ's on Milwaukee Rap Youtube because every few seconds a new potential SOTY gets uploaded. I'm gonna use Lowend Music to describe it because that's the word I see most often on this loose constellation of RTM/PMN/SPM prefixed artists. Looking for somebody to call me an idiot and explain the scene, hit my line!

Tre900k x Pmn Pedroo x 🆘shakeback - Get in mode

Bussdown tae - Goin fed (feat. Pce bj & Ymc zee)

Rtm Maine x Lilqua 50 x Freegrams Lil Mar - ( Bap Bap Bap )

Bussdown tae - Move (feat. Tae rackzz & Ymc zee)

Cerop - ØšB (GO5) (feat. Ymc Zee, Doa Maine, Rtm LilSixx, Court Loww & Èsco Upp) (Remix)

Tae rackzz - no party

Spm racked up Payphone (music (video


Lightning Round

Favorite Philly Club Rap

D4M $loan - SWIPER

Favorite California Rap

EBK Young Joc - Tornado

Favorite Michigan Rap

Babyface Ray - Sincerely Face (Official Video)

Favorite Dance Floor Bomb

Spray - Witches Drinner

Favorite Tekno

Nebuchadnezzar - Water Eater

Favorite Pop Song

Tony Renaissance - Ice Blue

Favorite Metalcore Song

Spiritbox - Hysteria

Favorite Conceptual Exercise

New York - excuses

Favorite Eastbloc Electro

Starke - Mace Moje

Favorite Band


Favorite LA Moment

Thanks God In the Snakepit

Favorite Mix

FOLD x Night Slugs & Ap Life // Ikonika

Favorite Breaks

Backdraft - Lurker

Favorite Classical - I think this is from Claude Sautet's "Un cœur en hiver" a movie which made me very emotional

Maurice Ravel - Sonata for Violin and Cello, M. 73

Favorite Painter

Baron Arild Rosenkrantz

Favorite AD - This played before every TIFF screening, so I saw it 30 times. Every time it played, I smiled.

Bulgari Unexpected Wonders - a movie by Paolo Sorrentino



Ukiuki Atama /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Jonnnah - Leaving Hell, Enter Paradise (Soleil Rouge)

ulla - foam 2 (3 X L)

v/a - Another Day In The Meadow (Ostara,,)

ben bondy - edits and reworks vol 2 (self-released)

Pablo Altar - Music for a while (high heal)

Miriamdola - Just Visiting EP (self-released)

buddywudd - A Meaningful Life / A Meaningful World (self-released)

Patricia Taxxon - Visiting Narcissa (self-released)

James Krivchenia - Blood Karaoke (Reading Group)

Pontiac Streator - Select Works . vol III (self-released)

Yaka - Yaka, Open, Awake, Smiling :) (Transatlantic)

v/a - TEMATIKS COMPILATION​$​$​$ (protege)

1528DD - As ruins, we lay ~​—​-​EP​·​· (self-released)

dj bobo1 - MoonBouncer (Seedlink⁺)

mareno! - Ashes & Snow (self-released)

Dove - Atarashi Karada (Yegorka)

Tek lintowe - My tek lintowe (self-released)


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