Music, is magic*

22. 9. 2012 - 23.00

"As a younger boy, I watched my grandmother __________. We would take turns making __________ on a __________ till “it was done.” After a while, the game would devolve into me __________ – with a grin – trying to defy her ability to make something out of my __________. She transformed my __________ – like magic – into __________ that surprised as forms and patterns emerged. 

I was mesmerized."iheartuniquenessiheartinfinity

"Now, this may not sound very magical because of your easy access to a __________, __________, and a __________. But let me tell you, it is magical." trekkercat.blogspot


"JrF: do you regard 'natural' sounds as a musical element (bearing inmind that the conventional definition of 'music' is rapidly becoming obsolete) or as sound ? is this definition important to you ? does itmatter ?

GLK: As with most of my works, i'm more about sound than music. The gesture of sound is where my focus is. I mean the multichannel field recording / live DJ set can be an interesting musical event, but it is based on sound appreciation..." jezrileyfrench-inplace


* "Because sound, is magic." goh lee kwang



Goh Lee Kwang - Godot is Coming I
Stian Westerhus - Shine
Goh Lee Kwang - Not Only
Goh Lee Kwang - ph2 (edit)
Goh Lee Kwang - Hands III
Marko Karlovčec - sestrenje 4 
Marko Karlovčec - sestrenje 5
Goh Lee Kwang - Hands II
Goh Lee Kwang - jUctIOn

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