velike umazane snežinke

29. 3. 2014 - 23.00

* naslovnica in kontekst / Klavdija Jeršinovec


123456 snowflakes falling gently onto the water; nothing could be more quiet and peaceful... for humans. But these falling flakes can create an enormous racket to the ears of marine animals and sensitive sonar. They contain air pockets between the individual crystals. This leads to a brief, tiny patch of bubbly foam as the water gets sucked up into the agglomerate and melts it.

What a fish would hear, if its 'ears' were up to it, is something rather like the chiming of a tiny bell: the acoustic signal oscillates as it gradually dies away. The snowflake, in other words, makes the water 'ring'. sciences appropriation


"Na-a-biram ja-az zvonce in vsi so za vas."


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