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28. 2. 2013 - 20.00


- V Ljubljano prihaja eden največjih raperjev raperske zgodovine BIG DADDY KANE
- BLACK THOUGHT napoveduje izid svoje blues albuma "Talented Mr. Trotter"
- KILLAH PRIEST "out of nowhere" izdal svoj novi, dvojni album
- Bizarka: Eden najslabših battlov kadarkoli - PITBULL dissa LIL WAYNA... Hehe
- Primorski raper DRILL napovedal album za 9.3. in predstavil prvi, "brijaški" singl z nadoguljenim samplom


1.) JARED EVAN ft. LIL FAME: Uma Thurman
2.) EDDIE B: Courage
3.) ANTHM: Debbie
4.) ANTHM: Nina
5.) TANYA MORGAN: For Real
6.) J57 ft. BROWN BAG ALL STARS & ANDREW THOMAS: Days Still Turn To Night
7.) AUDIMATIC: Closer
8.) P-MONEY ft. SKYZOO & HAVOC: Welcome To America
9.) REDMAN ft. METHOD MAN & READY ROC: Look'n'Fly Too
10.) ROC MARCIANO: Bruh Man
11.) STYLES P ft. SHEEK LOUCH: Hater Love
12.) KID VISHIS ft. ROYCE DA 5 9: Straight Out Of Detroit
13.) TORAE ft. PHAROAHE MONCH: What's Love
14.) ILL BILL ft. O.C. & CORMEGA: Power
16.) KILLAH PRIEST ft. RZA: Energy Work
17.) CASUAL: Father Figure
20.) GENSU DEAN & PLANET ASIA: Bar Mitzvah
21.) TROY AVE & BRICK SQUAD BOYS: The Symphony
22.) GRYNCH ft. BAMBU & SLUG: Mister Rogers Remix
24.) DRILL: Slepi potnik
25.) BIG K.R.I.T. ft. BUN B: Shine On


Januar 2013

04.01.2013 MC EIHT: Keep It Hood Ep (Bluestamp Music Group)
04.01.2013 DIM: Bright Ideas (Enviamentally Fresh Music)
08.01.2013 RAEKWON: Lost Jewlry Ep
08.01.2013 SUPER HELPFUL: The Help Ep
15.01.2013 DJ MUGGS: Bass For Your Face (Ultra Records)
15.01.2013 DAG SAVAGE: Dag Savage Ep (Dirty Science, Fat Beats)
15.01.2013 BLANCO & THE JACKA: Game Over (Guerilla Entertainment)
15.01.2013 A$AP ROCKY: Long.Live.A$ap (A$AP Worldwide, Polo Grounds, RCA)
15.01.2013 MACH FIVE: Art Rap (Greedmont Radio)
15.01.2013 WAX: Continue... (Scrublife)
15.01.2013 SUPASTITION: The Blackboard Ep 
16.01.2012 ESS VEE: The Anecdote: Memoirs of S. Victor (Association Music Group)
21.01.2013 ROCKIE FRESH: Electric Highway (MMG)
21.01.2013 TA-KU: Make It Last Ep (Life For The Funk)
22.01.2013 MOE POPE & RAIN: Let the Right Ones In (Brick)
23.01.2013 SL JONES: Trapper's Delight
23.01.2013 CLASSIFIED: Classified (Halflife Recordings)
23.01.2013 APAULO TREED & KNIGHTSTALKER: The Last Line Of Defence (self-released)
29.01.2013 SAHEED & NUMONICS: Not For Nothing (self-released)
29.01.2013 ELOQUENT: Gebrochenes Deutsch
29.01.2013 UPTOWN XO: Colour De Grey (Mello Music Group)
29.01.2013 ALMIGHTY SAMHILL: The Preface Ep (self-released)
29.01.2013 SLUM VILLAGE: Dirty Slums 2 (Synchronization)
29.01.2013 ALEXANDER SPIT: A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside (Decon Records)
29.01.2013 DEAD PREZ: Information Age (Varese Sarabande Records)
29.01.2013 OH NO: Disrupted Ads (KashRoc Entertainment)
29.01.2013 VAST AIRE: A Space Iliad Ep (Man Bites Dog Records)
29.01.2013 K-OS: BLack On BLonde (Nettwerk Records)
31.01.2013 KRONDON: Everything's Nothing (Blacksmith Music)

Februar 2013

04.02.2013 YONAS: Black Canvas (1st Round Records)
05.02.2013 FRANK-N-DANK: 48 Hours (Delicious Vinyl)
05.02.2013 EDO G: Intelligence & Ignorance (Envision Entertainment)
05.02.2013 BROTHA LYNCH HUNG: Mannibalector (Strange Music)
05.02.2013 RICKY HILL: SYLDD 
05.02.2013 MR. SOS: Trains Never Get Sidetracked (Below System)
05.02.2013 SLOT-A: The Transition
05.02.2013 JOE BUDDEN: No Love Lost (eOne Music)
05.02.2013 ANNEXX CLICK: Annexx Click (Six2Six)
12.02.2013 RAS KASS: Barmageddon
12.02.2013 CHAMILLIONAIRE: Elevate Ep
12.02.2013 J.COLE: Truly Yours Ep
12.02.2013 DJ DAY: Land Of 1000 Chances (Piecelock 70)
12.02.2013 RAEKWON & DJ FRESH: The Tonite Show (Siccness Recordings)
12.02.2013 CAPPADONNA: Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre (RBC Records)
19.02.2013 JEFF CHERRY: Jetset Vagabond (Team Rsinal Inc.)
19.02.2013 CZARFACE: Czarface (Brick Records)
19.02.2013 DJ TOURE: Toure's Theory (Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings)
19.02.2013 SADISTIK: Flowers For My Father (Fake Four Inc)
19.02.2013 SPECTAC & SHAKIM: For the People (HipNott Records)
19.02.2013 BLANCO & THE JACKA with BEDROCK: Game Over (Guerilla Entertainment)
19.02.2013 BERNER & THE JACKA: Border Wars (Liqz)
19.02.2013 BUDDHA MONK: The Dark Knight (Chambermusik)
19.02.2013 BLU, MED & MADLIB: The Burgundy Ep 
19.02.2013 J-LOVE: Pardon My Intrusion (Chambermusik)
19.02.2013 MEDKEM: Kola La Vie Ep (Elementality Production)
22.02.2013 TRAVI$ SCOTT: Owl Pharoahe Ep
26.02.2013 GENSU DEAN & PLANET ASIA: Abrasions (Mello Music Group)
26.02.2013 ALEXANDER SPIT: A Breathtaking Trip To The Otherside (Decon)
26.02.2013 REKS: Revolution Cocktail
26.02.2013 50 CENT: Street King Immortal
26.02.2013 SPIT GEMZ: Fuck the Radio, End the TV
26.02.2013 ILL BILL: The Grimy Awards (Fat Beats)
26.02.2013 FOREIGN EXCHANGE: +Fe Music: The Reworkds (2cd)
26.02.2013 TRINITY: 20 In (Fat Beats)
26.02.2013 NOTES TO SELF: Target Market (RECOIL) (Decon Records)
26.02.2013 KONCEPT: Malt Disney Ep
26.02.2013 KILLAH PRIEST: The Psychic World of Walter Reed (Proverbs Records)
26.02.2013 AMP LIVE: Kaleidoscope Theory Ep (The Color Ep) (Plug Research)
26.02.2013 JARED EVAN & STATIK SELEKTAH: Boom Bap & Blues
26.02.2013 KUTT CALHOUN: Black Gold (Strange Music)
28.02.2013 REESE: DSPNTRPN Ep 

Marec 2013

01.03.2013 ELOQUENT & I.L.L. WILL: Skizzen In Blau Ep
01.03.2013 FRESH FACE: Fresh Henry der Packernacken EP
01.03.2013 DER PLUSMACHER: BWL / Bordsteinwirtschaftslehre
04.03.2013 RICKIE JACOBS: Songs For High School Kids
05.03.2013 SOLOMON CHILDS: Wu-Tang 4 Life 2 (Chambermuzik)
05.03.2013 DEMIGODZ: KILLMatic (Dirty Version Records)
05.03.2013 JELLY ROLL: The Big Sal Story (A-Game)
05.03.2013 SWAVE SEVAH: Son of a One Armed Man (Creative Juices Music)
05.03.2013 DOUBLE A.B. & DUB SONATA: Media Shower (Man Bites Dog Records)
05.03.2013 ACEYALONE: Leanin On Slick (Decon Records)
05.03.2013 BOLDY JAMES: Grand Quarters Ep 
09.03.2013 DRILL: Nuklearna zima (Wudisban)
12.03.2013 PRODIGY & ALCHEMIST: Albert Einstein
12.03.2013 DURAG DYNASTY: 360 Waves (Nature Sounds)
12.03.2013 DANDY TERU: Adventures (Ubiquity)
12.03.2013 Z-RO: Tripolar
15.03.2013 BRICK SQUAD BOYZ presents 
19.03.2013 SLAINE: The Boston Project (Suburban Noize/Commonwealth Records)
19.03.2013 SWOLLEN MEMBERS: Beautiful Death Machine (Suburban Noize Records)
19.03.2013 VARIOUS: RZA presents Shaolin Soul Selection: Volume 1 (Shaolin Soul Records)
25.03.2013 ANTIHEROES: Modern Day Riot (Dj Booth)
26.03.2013 PAPOOSE: Nacirema Dream (Ingrooves)
26.03.2013 LAS SUPPER: Las Supper
26.03.2013 CES CRU: Constant Energy Struggles (Strange Music)
26.03.2013 GQ: I'm Gone (JAMLA)
26.03.2013 LIL WAYNE: I Am Not A Human Being II (Universal Motown)
26.03.2013 VON PEA & AEON: Duly Noted (Hipnott Records)

April 2013

02.04.2013 TYLER, THE CREATOR: Wolf (Odd Future)
09.04.2013 TYGA: Hotel California
16.04.2013 GHOSTFACE KILLAH: Twelve Reasons To Die (Soul Temple Records)
16.04.2013 P.A.P.I.: Student Of the Game
20.04.2013 STYLES P & SCRAM JONES: Float (High Times Records)
23.04.2013 TALIB KWELI: Prisoner Of Consciousness
23.04.2013 ILLOGIC & BLOCKHEAD: Capture the Sun (Man Bites Dog Records)
23.04.2013 KID CUDI: indicud
30.04.2013 R.A. THE RUGGED MAN: Legends Never Die (Nature Sounds)

Maj 2013

07.05.2013 L.L.COOL J.: Authentic
07.05.2013 THE-DREAM: Fourplay
07.05.2013 HAVOC: 13

14.05.2013 JUNE MARX: Seven Trumpets Sound (Torchbearer Records)
14.05.2013 EVE: Lip Lock
21.05.2013 YMCMB: Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle
21.05.2013 FRENCH MONTANA: Excuse My French (Bad Boy)
21.05.2013 P-MONEY: Gratitude (Dawn Raid Ent./Dirty Management/Duck Down Music)

Julij 2013

02.07.2013 GUCCI MANE: Trap House 3: The Guwop Edition 
16.07.2013 ACE HOOD: Trials & Tribulations


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