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5. 1. 2018 - 22.00

Ugotavljamo kako ga lomi Token, poslušamo komad z novega albuma Damona Wilda, dodamo ščepec electra in namesto češnje okrasimo z ekskluzivnim materialom iz prihajajočega albuma Warrego Valles.


Kastil - Zinovieff

Rodhad Sigha - Bloom

Fiedel - Track 432

Blawan - Calcium Red

Damon Wild - Space Race

Silicon Scally - Das Haus

Galaxian X Stingray313 - Nu-1000

Retrograde Youth - Swimming into a Big Sea of Fake Emotions

Warrego Valles - Madmen

Regis - The Master Side (Version 1)

Ryan James Ford - Pegl Shant

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