OM 22a - Levi R. Bryant - The Introduction: What is, who is, where is ... (Part one)


Z Jernejem sva napravila intervju s filozofom spekulativnega realizma oz. objektno orientirane ontologije, Levijem R. Bryantom. Razdelila sva ga na dva dela. Prvi govori o filozofu in njegovi metodi in njegovim vplivom in njegovi individuaciji in njegovi filozofiji. Drugi del, ki bo na sporedu v naslednji ediciji oddaje Otitis Media (STAY TUNED!), bo prinesel vprašanja o političnosti njegovega ontološkega projekta in se še globlje poglobil v osnovne premise objektno orientirane ontologije oz. strojno orientirane ontologije, kakor svojo filozofijo Bryant imenuje sedaj.

Npr. "What is a theism?  Any transcendence of the One over the many.  This is why humanism, patriarchy, monarchies, companies governed by managers and CEOs, racisms, nationalisms, and so on are as much theisms as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or any other monotheistic religion.  Wherever there is a sovereign or a father there is a theism.  Or as Deleuze and Guattari put it,” [W]erever there is transcendence, vertical Being, imperial State in the sky or on earth, there is religion and there is Philosophy only where there is immanence… only friends can set out a plane of immanence as a ground from which idols have been cleared” (Quoted in LeRon Shultz, Iconoclastic Theology, .pdf, 1).  It matters not if that theism is secular, without anything divine or supernatural.  It is no less a religion for all that (as Compte well saw in his humanism).  It is for this reason that atheism is a synonym for anarchism.  Atheology targets this structure wwherever it might occur." (Levi R. Bryant)


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