Far-right movements in Europe

25. 5. 2015 - 12.00

The topic of today’s show will focus on far-right movements in Europe and especially on the recent developments in our home-countries. It’s an up-to-date topic also in these days and so some of us went to Gorizia in Italy the day before yesterday, to participate an anti-fascist counterprotest. The (neo)fascist nationalistic party “Casapound Italia”, organised a march for the anniversary of the entry of Italy in the First World War, under the motto “Some Italians do not surrender”. The glorification of war and the deaths of their soldiers shall be used for their own promotion. So fortunately, there was also a big counterprotest to show strong opposition to this march. Participating there, we tried to get some voices and opinions from people participating in protests ... 

At the same day in opposite part of Europe, in Lithuania, was happening first anti-militarization protest. We called people there to get to know more about this issue. You can find their public statement that was released last week here: www.priessauktinius.lt


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