22. 6. 2015 - 12.00

Today we’re going to shift from our normal topic-based discussion a little and just devote this last show to summarising our time here. We’ll cover a few things, firstly we want to just revisit our time in International Gathering, but also in the second part as we’re students we want to review our experience of the faculties and the city in general.

We interviewed some of our 'founding members' (Yuliya and Rapolas) to get some insight into the impact of the gatherings and the prospects for the future. We also did embarked on some research amongst the 'Erasmus Tribe' in the Rožna dorms, and found that they had formed some peculiar habits during their stay in Ljubljana (dumpster diving?!).

Also, of course, we gazed whistfully into the future, and came up with a brochure. We aim to leave some resources like this for the new generation of exchange students, so that they will have the opporunity to pioneer their own initiatives within Ljubljana.

You can find more information about what we've been involved in, and also our resources on our FB page.

All in all, this was us, it's been fun, a big thanks to RŠ and all of the collectives and individuals who have been involved.

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Super oddaja, lep zaključek. Tudi jaz sem si zmeraj želel postati erasmus študent, po oddaji samo še bolj!


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