Future Standards?

5. 3. 2017 - 12.00

Longing for a better future is something which all activists share, and which gives them the energy to try to change the world by working on a cause they support. In a way, the same goes for at least some artists. Both Borghesia, who advocated the change of the Slovenian (and Yugoslav) society of the 1980s and early 1990s, and the band members of Koala Voice, who now try to achieve the circumstances in which they as artists 'can do what they want to do', are two examples from Slovenia in which this undoubtedly is the case. 

Nika Mahnič provides an insight into the theory and practice of Afrofuturism. This concept is used to describe cultural outlets, in which people of colour reflect and try to change common views on past and future by creating and spreading their 'own' stories, as an alternative to those of the dominant white elite. Among others the Afrofuturists Sun Ra and Janelle Monáe are discussed.  

The International Feminist and Queer Festival Rdeče Zore / Red Dawns tries to introduce a variety of feminist and queer issues into the public space by organising among others lectures, exhibitions and concerts. Eva Jus and Jessica Lima from the collective that organises the festival present the program of the eighteenth edition of Red Dawns. 

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