Voices of anarchism

31. 3. 2024 - 13.00


+ Sunday, 31st of March 2024; 13:00–16:30  (Central European Time) +


You can find stream on: https://radiostudent.si/.../crna.../voices-of-anarchism-1

Radio stream: https://www.radiostudent.si/.../lib.../rsplayer/player2.html

Direct stream: https://kruljo.radiostudent.si:8001/ehiq.m3u



Črna luknja, anarchist radio show on Radio Študent, is hosting an international gathering of Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Radio Network that is, after almost 10 years, again taking place in Ljubljana. You can get to know anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio projects from all over the globe on Friday in A-infoshop (presentation: Self-organized Radios), on Saturday in Plac (discussion: Role of (Social) Media in Revolutionary Processes) and on Sunday on the waves of Radio Študent (Voices of Anarchism – live international radio broadcast).


On Sunday, the 31st of March 2024, the participants of the Meeting of the International Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Radio Network that is taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, will do a live radio broadcast! The broadcast will be done from Ljubljana-based independent Radio Študent.


You can tune in and listen to the broadcast through a direct link to the live stream.


The broadcast will cover a wide range of topics from the perspective of anarchist and anti-authoritarian movements: presentations of local and international projects, groups/networks and activities/struggles; discussions on current issues; announcements of the upcoming protests/conferences/meetings/bookfairs; radical music and much more!


The participating radio projects come from all parts of Europe and the Americas, so an interesting program is inevitable! The program will be done in English.


Tune in and invite your comrades to do the same!


+ Sunday, 31st of March 2024; 13:00–16:30  (Central European Time) +


Participating radio projects (radio stations, radio shows and podcasts):

*FrequenzA (germany)*

* Črna Luknja (slovenia)*

* A-Radio Vienna (austria)*

* Asamblea Anarquista Valparaiso (chile)*

* 1431AM (greece)*

* Leneșx Radio (romania)

* Kilavo Seme (slovenia)

* and more will join via internet!*

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Prazen radio ne stoji pokonci! Podpri RŠ in omogoči produkcijo alternativnih, kritičnih in neodvisnih vsebin.

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