15. 4. 2023 – 18.00

Interview with Sudanese Digital Marketer

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In our 19th Enolončnica, our guest was from Sudan. Tamer was with us in this show.

He is originally from Khartoum, Sudan, and he has been living in Slovenia for two and a half months. His wife is Slovenian, and so they decided to settle down in Slovenia.

He has a degree in Physical Education, with a major in Sports Administration from Sudan University for Science & Technology. However, his career focus now is on digital marketing. Currently, he works remotely for a company based in Saudi Arabia and in Slovenia, he is also volunteering for an African community organization that helps migrants from Africa to integrate into Slovenian society.

Prior to moving to Slovenia, he lived in Saudi Arabia for ten years.

His hobbies and interests include cultural exploration, social activism, language learning, hiking, and playing basketball. He is also eager to learn more about the Slovenian culture, language, and traditions, as well as to explore the natural beauties of Slovenia.

We listened to the story of Tamer and details about Sudan and Saudi Arabia in Enolončnica for an hour while we were listening to 2 nice songs from the playlist of Tamer.

Join us for our next show on the 20th of May at 18:00!

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