Japanese Girl Who Comes from Peru in Slovenia

18. 6. 2022 - 18.00

In our 10th Enolončnica, we had our guest from Peru. 🇵🇪

We met with Eriko Oyakawa and had an interview on air with her for our Radio Show Enolonočnica.

Eriko is living here in Slovenia for 2 years. She is a vice-president of the Association of Latin Americans in Ljubljana.

She is an international wedding organizer and also works for social marketing for associations and companies.

She was working in the NGO sector in Peru and came to Croatia in 2019.

She was working on an international project in Croatia but then life took her to Slovenia somehow.

More interestingly she is originally from Japan🇯🇵 and she is the fourth generation after her ancestors migrated to Peru.

We listened to her story of what brought them to Peru and how she ended up in Slovenia.

Moreover, it was a very nice conversation to find out how is life for a Japanese girl in Peru and of course in Slovenia.

She was with us in Enolončnica last Saturday the 18th of June at 18:00 as usual.🕰️

Listen to the record to discover more about Japan, Peru, and Eriko.👀👂

⚠️You can listen to us from the link below.




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