13. 8. 2018 – 22.00

Alarma v.078

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"Each year, more accidental deaths are caused by the Trident Tri-barrel Rocket Launcher than in vehicular accidents and extreme sports combined. The kill radius for its standard dumbfire rocket is surprisingly high by design -- so accidentally firing upon a nearby wall, or a nearby enemy soldier, can be quite fatal for the operator. The alternate fire adds to this suicidal lethality by loading and firing up to three rockets at once, in a spread, tight spiral, or lobbed like grenades. Regardless of the grim statistics, veteran soldiers still consider the 'old 8 ball' the most expedient way to put explosive ordnance on target."

Prazen radio ne stoji pokonci! Podpri RŠ in omogoči produkcijo alternativnih, kritičnih in neodvisnih vsebin.

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