Dimni signali 10

17. 6. 2017 - 22.00

01. Talsounds - See Through
02. Talsounds - My Side My Sign
03. Midwife - Song for an Unborn Sun
04. Sister Grotto - Witness
05. Wien Diesel - Live at Hyperreality Festival, Dunaj, 2017
06. Heinali - Anthracite
07. Heinali - Hauntology

Na sliki:
Branch Davidian church fire in Waco, Texas, 1993

On April 19, 1993 the FBI moved for a final siege of the compound using large weaponry such as .50 caliber (12.7 mm) rifles and armored Combat Engineering Vehicles (CEV) to combat the heavily armed Branch Davidians. The FBI attempted to use tear gas to flush out the Branch Davidians without bloodshed. Officially, FBI agents were only permitted to return any incoming fire, not to actively assault the Branch Davidians. When several Branch Davidians opened fire, the FBI's response was to increase the amount of gas being used. Around noon, three fires broke out simultaneously in different parts of the building, The government maintains the fires were deliberately started by Branch Davidians. Some Branch Davidian survivors maintain that the fires were started either accidentally or deliberately by the assault. 76 Branch Davidians died on April 19 (with only nine surviving), killed by rubble, suffocating effects of the fire, or by gunshot wound from fellow Branch Davidians.

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MF: I think that the concept of “nostalgia of the future” partly illustrates one of the paradoxes that I’m trying to get across through the book; for example, hauntological music is often accused of being nostalgic. To a certain extent this is true, but the point is: “nostalgic compared to what?” I mean, the whole 21st century music scene could be described as nostalgic: where is the sense of the future now? Today, if you ask people what is “futuristic music,” they would reply electronic music from the 90s, or even Kraftwerk, and stuff like that. In a way, we still rely on an old future.

zanimiv intervju zgleda, bom preveril.


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