Dimni signali 15

26. 8. 2017 - 22.00

01. Fame Circle - Best All Day 
02. Fame Circle - Britney Spears Leaving Hospital and Supporting Palestinian Cause 
03. Fame Circle - Fall Circle 

04. Pan Daijing - Eat 
05. Pan Daijing - Lucid Morto 

06. Corporate Park - Restricted Area 
07. Corporate Park - Too Expensive To Live 

08. Hell - Victus 

09. Windy & Carl - Watching the Stars
10. Windy & Carl - A New World 

Na sliki:

1983 Buffalo propane explosion
On the evening of December 27, 1983, firefighters in Buffalo, New York responded to a call regarding a propane gas leak. Shortly after their arrival, the propane ignited, leveling a warehouse and causing a wide swath of damage. Five firefighters and two civilians were killed in the blast, and left dozens more injured. The event remains the largest single day loss of life for the Buffalo Fire Department.

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