15. 9. 2017 - 21.00

Ain't nobody gonna shed no tears, get back on your feet

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"Wot u gonna do when your money ain't long? Wot u gonna do when your name ain't strong? Wot u gonna do when they won't play your records? And you don't get booked 'cause your buzz is all gone? Sittin' there tryna' write the same old song. Tryin' to work out where it all went wrong. Wot u gonna do when your fans don't care 'cause they're all grown up and they all moved on? Wot u gonna do when it goes downhill? Callin' up girls, but they don't wanna' chill. Wot u gonna do when you wanna roll out? But they don't wanna know cause they ain't no thrill. If looks could kill, how would it feel? Ain't on the guest list, ain't on the bill. What you gonna do when you clock it was all your fault? You were too busy keeping it real."

Hi & Saberhägen- Acid Finger

New Jackson- There Will Always Be This Love

FYI Chris- House Dog

FYI Chris- Courtyard

Benjamin Fröhlich- I.A.M.B.D.

Bicep- Aura

Etapp Kyle- Quantum

Lanark Artefax- Touch Absence

Skee Mask- Kappelberg Chant

Cosmin TRG- Afterburn

Loleatta Holloway- Stand Up (Pangaea Mix)

Florian Kupfer- Post Present

Nomad- Devotion (Pangaea Edit)

Paul Woolford- Triadophlebioptera


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