I hate the innocence with which I have lived...

I hate the innocence with which I have lived...

28. 10. 2016 - 20.00


"It's savage and it's cruel and it shines like destruction, comes in like the flood. And it seems like religion, it's noble and it's brutal. It distorts and deranges and it wrenches you up... and you're left like a zombie."






Bjarki- YYKYE

Mike Dehnert- How Close to Be

Key Tronics Ensemble- Calypso Of House (Paradise Mix)

Pop District- Red Eye

Eurythmics- Love Is A Stranger

A Made Up Sound- Bygones

M;;R- Dread Nox

Pangaea- One by One

Pangaea- Skips Desk

Andrea- 2222

A Made Up Sound- Demons (Reprise)

Stephen Brown- Medusa

Circulation- Amber (Mix 1)

Pangaea- Scaled Wing

Photek- Glamourama



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