10. 3. 2023 – 20.00

I know how cruel people can be

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Vir: Lastni vir

"I'm on the other side of make-believe

If I go unchecked, what will the world make of me?

I don't feel hunted, but I fear faithfully

I would never cheat, but I might take advances

These little statements are mere replacements

For something they stole, times I was laughed at

I'd fall into a hole, fade into a flashback

Real close"


Extase Urbaine- System Karma 

Kaval- Woodpecker 

Tomás Urquieta- Sotto Voce 

Jack Roland- Bizzare 

RXmode- Doom (Alienata Remix) 

Amorphic- A57 

Ignez & Rødhåd- VERMILLION 01 [220207.1]

Temudo- Lea & Blanche

Axkan- Tribesmen 

Skee Mask- Reviver

Air Max '97- Work To Live

Boo- Mantra 

Rudoh- Traybal 

Ryan James Ford- ASMR (Tulsa Mix)

Last Magpie- Clouds

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