In Fine Style

6. 5. 2013 - 21.00

We can put a man up in space
But on earth it's just a rat race.
Is this the future?

We got people workin’ 9 to 5
While over 10 percent are trying to stay alive.
Is this the future?

Crime is up, education is down
But the Dow Jones is on the rebound.
Is this the future?

Ronald Reagan says stay the course
But only a fool would wanna endorse
This kind of future.

Everyday as I go my way
I can hear the people as they say,
“Hey brother can you spare a dime,
I don’ wanna end up doin’ time.”
But they say it’s just a sign of the future.

Found a car I thought I’d buy
but the interest rates were just too high.
Is this the future?

Worked years perfecting my craft
Now my boss is giving me the shaft.
Is this the future?

Used to eat steaks and caviar
Now it’s peanut butter in a candy bar.
Is this the future?

All my money is nearly spent
Don’t have enough to pay the rent
You can cancel the future.

Can it be?

Are you tellin’ me


is the future?


Alois Huber - Vul QX (x2)
IM - Svobodno ozemlje
Ake Hodell - Numro Ba Besch
R-Zone - Hair Down (forthcoming R-Zone)
Spike - Magic Table (Welcome Stranger's Sunday T Dub)
DJ Fett Burger - Disco Tre
Anno Stamm - I Still Have The Photographs
Doc Daneeka - Day By Day
Scott Grooves - C-Track
Joey Anderson - Earth Calls
Farmers Manual - A1
Aybee - Portal
New Flesh For Old - Song For San Susi
Uku Kuut - Vision of Estonia
Ishan Sound ft. Ras Addis - Clash of the Titans
Ulrich Troyer - Techtalk in Echochamber (x2)






Pogostitev ob glasbeni spremljavi ReŠetalcev in Bakaline.
Ura dogajanja: 19.00-22.00
Mesto dogajanja: Ploščad pred MSUM



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