19. 6. 2021 - 12.00

In this edition of IndieRE, hosted by Radio Študent in Ljubljana, you will be able to hear the following music:


DIY, garage indie trio LELEE and their debut album Čuka bije pumpa that was released on Moonlee records:

A young electronic music producer Nulla who recently released her split EP with dvidevat on the label Kamizdat:

The Senzorama vol. 1 compilation released on ZARŠ records as part of the anniversary of its namesake show on Radio Študent:

Another trio from the regional alternative, psychedelic and noise rock scene called Psihedelavci with their album zZemljoPles, also released on ZARŠ records:

A cross section of this year's artists on the roster of the Klubski maraton tour featuring project xm1, Opran Možgan and birds of unknown.


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