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Best labels of 2023

///////////////////////////////////////////////best releases///

★ 19 labels in alphabetical order and 19 of their best-of lists in no particular order★


ArachHE //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Narthex Festival

Run, and populated, by the most beautiful souls. Shoutout to the Nutria of the pond for maintaining its peace throughout. Narthex Forever!

Geomantic Journeying with White Goblin, via the living time portal of Butser Ancient Farm, through the ritual landscapes and sacred springs of the South West of England, to the Neolithic facehugger tomb of Belas Knap in Gloucestershire. 

Petronn Sphene live @ Wharf Chambers. Total cathartic neural exploding-head-syndrome blasts expelling all internal cobwebs into the Oort Cloud. 

Limpe Fuchs live in the Blue John-encrusted chambers of Treak Cliff Cavern, in Castleton, Derbyshire. Highlight was the moment she bade some attendants to place copper drums beneath the constant drips, and said “now, we can listen to the cave” and after thereby having lulled the audience, who were turned away from the stage now, snuck out a wooden horn and uttered loud troll parps over our heads. A truer witch, I do not know! 

Discovering the nearby, exposed, Carboniferous reef of Chrome Hill aka Dragon’s Back Ridge (replete with its amazing number of Gigantoproductus and crinoid fossils) with good friends ready to sit and rifle through rocks for some time before slipping gracelessly down the slick limestone and clay-mud sides of the submerged petrified cryptid. 

Listening to Steve Reich - Tehillim while flying over ever-changing clouds from NL to UK, staring out the window 100% of the journey. 

Leaving a hellish teaching job, having more time to play shows (alone and in groups), thus meeting and connecting with many people and gradually reawakening to my truer self.


Releases (p.s. rly not listened to a huge amount of new stuff but these were all on heavy rotation):

DIDA - Don’t touch crickets (Nina Protocol)

Jazz Lambaux - Paranoid (kit) 

Sidney Philips - Effy (stealthyn00b)

Proc Fiskal - RT Hon EP (Hyperdub Ltd)

Sickboyrari - Came Down Like a Alien (GothMoneyRecords/G2K)

Impetuous Ritual - Iniquitous Barbaric Synthesis (Profound Lore)

NDNMK Solutions-  ☆085-Phone Number (self-released)

Joshua Chuquimia Crampton - Profundo Amor (self-released)

aulic veil - Umbral Glade (self-released)

Anti-God Hand - Blight Year (American Dreams)




Artetetra //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Liz Durette - Primordial Soup (Feeding Tube)

Mother Bank - Tenggung Renteng (YES NO WAVE MUSIC)

Jacopo Buda - Emerald Vision (Communion)

Roy Werner - Imagine My Surprise (Moon Glyph)

Nuke Watch - Worlds Gone M.A.D. (The Trilogy Tapes)

La Festa delle Rane - Fimf​á​rum (Hundebiss)

Sun Araw & Tarzana - AQUA X: Super Coracle / Tarzana Split (Discrepant)

KOU - KOU (various)

Rainbow Island - Moonlit Panacea (Riforma)


Anders Lauge Meldgaard - The Art of Playing the Fantasia (SUNARKRECORDS)




Bugtech Petting Zoo //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

mosky wendolin - cast (5)

gos & yve:Ette - pawnwork freestyle (self released)

𝒴𝓊𝓃𝑔 𝒢𝓇𝓊𝓃𝒹𝓁𝑒𝒽𝑒𝒾𝓂 - 6:00 (self released)

mimics gate - winter (self-released)

Wii [produced by shigeru miyamoto] (LLC)

cards4romu - finalsmile nature dub (psythoness)

legit girl dj - Valerie and Her Week of Wonders⋆.⋆𐦍.ೃ࿔ 🩰 [Broken DVD Player] (set aired on lylradio!!!!!!!!)

Underneath - Pinback tripoli x dj roc drop my back (self released)

Computer man - Legendary apple great sword (self released)

mosky wendolin ♡ my nettle - in the red light (self releared)

Minoyimn - Waypoint 𒑰 Featuring Xmyri (self released)

Anna lily→S͟e͟a͟s͟i͟d͟e͟ T͟o͟w͟n͟←Vidrio - The Very First Seaside Town Song (self-released)

anu - I'm not very good at this (self-released)

collaboratively; Computerman + rains - Finished flowers of evil (sun set smile company)

lovfully - C.E3,713*spirit lab flyby + gos (self released)

SECRET 16TH MENTION: lucian moth - rain swept hide-away (self released)




Cime //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

AGILITÄT - unique / untradeable (3 X L)

Yvu - Dissolute I (self-released)

HP: 925 MP: 463 - Cholo Tearz (Transatlantic)

Mun Sing - Inflatable Gravestone (Planet Mu)

Florence Sinclair - departures, wonders & tears (self-released)

mu tate - they're with you always (3 X L)

Jantra - Synthesized Sudan: Astro - Nubian Electronic Jaglara Dance Sounds from the Fashaga Underground (Ostinato Records)

Money Lang - $23 (Slagwerk)

seychelles - suitcase (self-released)

Pontiac Streator - Select Works . vol V (self-released)

Infant - curled in nacre (Cime)

Olmatri - F90​.​1 (self-released)

O-Prime Delta - Guarck! (The 7 ?) (self-released)

Nahi Mitti - Nahi Mitti and the City (SLINK)

Betty Hammerschlag - Me & You (Transatlantic)





Best lives:

Aethereal Arthropod: A true master of extreme vocals, building walls of sound to keep both the good and evil away. insanely powerful, not for the weak-hearted. beware.

Kuntari: these indonesian masters of live math-noise-metal-whatevercore. Sharp and bold, primal and sacral.

Sineraw: A Jigsaw of contemporary sonic wisdom, meant to be danced with the body and explored with the mind.

Ordnas & Mirr: This duo keeps alive the HC punk attitude while blasting some of the most unpredictable noise & bass muzak out there. Sound of TRULLO trademark.

Neurotica Exotica: real magician. dark exotiks. hypnotic flutes. words words words. this is truly certified.

Cool artists:

Giustino Kabiro: rural narratives from an erratic peasant, fantiasias from and for the deep inner self.

Lifepod5: this will surprise you with a dose of futuristic relics, sampletastik screwwave, highlow-fi & more..

Locale dischi: label & collective from the puglia. keeping alive the freeform underground in BA ( Bari)

ABHORRENT A.D.: uncontrollable, deep and real harsh noise from the unknown viscera of many insane insiders of the extreme soundcultura.

Skupina: extremely refined field recordings. recorded and selected with love & care.

Audry: sound of radiophonic mind melting chaos. cheesy and bouncy, trapjams, plunderik vibes….

Staraya Derevnya: a marvelous psychedelic orchestra from concrete soft warzones.




Exiles //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

CRRNT - GRIT (111records)

Obwigszyh - Hello, Boy (Műhely)

LAU - DDE05 (Dalmata Daniel)

VA - Anti Dance Action (Zaj+)

VA (temporary nites)

Fixateur Externe / Abstract Household Warfare - split (Dióbél)

CT Kidobó - Decay Heat EP (Farbwechsel)

asvanyviz2 & SUTA - Igric (self-released)

Alley Catss - Xyal (self-released)

DVX NVX - Puszta κ​έ​ν​ω​σ​ι​ς (self-released)




Gin&Platonic //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Bryce Helm – Chyron Operator (2013-2023) (self-released)

Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective – 1 (Nhạc Gãy)

Fausto Mercier – Misinput Tycoon (Genot Centre)

Klein – Touched By An Angel (self-released)

Graham Lambkin – Aphorisms (Blank Forms Editions)

Nocturnerror – LOYALTY (A Flooded Need)

g_sv – g_sv001 (g_sv)

patten – Mirage FM (self-released)

Chuquimamani-Condori – DJ E (self-released)

DJ Danifox – Ansiedade (Príncipe)

Mun Sing – Inflatable Gravestone (Planet Mu)

The Newcomer – PARALYSIS ERA (self-released)

Lee Gamble – Models (Hyperdub)

Nondi – Flood City Trax (Planet Mu)

Flora Yin Wong – Cold Reading (Modern Love)

Aho Ssan – Rhizomes (Other People)

DJ K – PANICO NO SUBMUNDO (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

emma dj – g0drm2 (UIQ)

Racine – Delirium (Danse Noire)

Atte Elias Kantonen – a path with a name (Soda Gong)

Bolka – smutné stropy (LOM)

Lyudmila Severtseva – Metasilence (Hyperboloid)

Tirzah – Trip9love (Tirzah)

Erwan Sene – JunQ (PAN)

Serwed – IV (West Mineral Ltd.)




Hyperlink //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Ginseng - At Least We Tried' (for GA23)

Minoyimn - Gift (self-released)

Talpah - FEIND feat False Prpht, S280F (Hundebiss Records)

Eera - My Life As A Teenage Loser (self-released)

Kavari - Ventilate (Stella Respell) (self-released)

Quit Life - Aperion feat. e6c41 (High Heal)

Mori Mori - Party People (feat. Thrilliam Angels) (Xquisite Releases)

Grimes - Genesis (Apu Nanu Remix) (self-released)

beloved trinket - blessing 2 (City Links Recordings)

Murlo - Pearl (Coil Records)


Ana Caprix - Pit of Stars

A Warning (128): Mixed by S280F

Gloom Knight Vivi - Kiosk Radio

vendredear - I’m a HARDCORE 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒𝑟 ﹠ you're my 𝑓𝑎𝑣𝑜𝑟𝑖𝑡𝑒 𝑓𝑙𝑎𝑣𝑜𝑟

Himera & Hex Key Fantasy - Panorama Experience




i.u //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Tirzah - trip9love...??? (Domino Recording Co Ltd)

crazy comeback, no compromises at all for Tirzah! unapologetically raw album and also mica levi ❤ such a powerful album. Might be album of the year for me!

Jane Remover - Census Designated (deadAir)

What an album! can feel so much work went into this. Also pretty lyrics and I LOVED the visual campaign (that photoshoot with the gun is so frickin cool). love Jane Remover!

Chuquimamani-Condori - DJ E (self released)

sampling masterpiece! mesmerizingly chaotic. late-year blessing this one!

nykolaes & Daniël Paul (Toverberg Collective)

Loved mastering this album, it holds a special place in my heart! Nicolas & Maurice are super genuine musicians and their approach felt really inspiring! Also loved getting to know everyone behind Toverberg!

Snow Strippers - April Mixtape 3 (Surf Gang Records)

the hype is real! just a solid album tbh and Tatiana Schwaninger is really cool. I prefer some tracks to others tho, 'It's goin bad' is my favorite!!! super pretty synths. however u wanna put it you can't deny this album is iconic!



Genocide Organ/Prurient - Carte Blanche [HOS-600 and De/T3]

Yuichi Onoue - Early Days 1983-1997 [OJP026]

Don Breadshaw-Leather - Distance Between Us [DIST101]

Symposium Musicum - Symposium Musicum [MAP030]

Cyess Afxzs - No Bull One Left Behind [KK-07]




IW //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

LEGACY - LEGACY (Promesses)

Reptilian Expo - Cunti (Artetetra) 

Ziúr - Eyeroll (HAKUNA KULALA)

Voronhil - Pantomima (CLAM)

Borange - Yantakara (Nonlocal Research)

talpah - KKUURRSSEE (Hundebiss Records)

TRYCE - DreamDisc (self-released)

Señor Service - Don't Panic (self-released)

Sam Scranton - Body Pillow (Moon Glyph)

Atte Elias Kantonen - a path with a name (SODA GONG)

galen tipton - scare package (self-released)

Fausto Mercier - Misinput Tycoon (Genot Centre)

Oneohtrix Point Never - Again (Warp)

Broshuda - Adumbratio (enmossed)

lata - omega mixtape (self-released)




Katharsis //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

fantastic compilation curations:

- V.A. - RIFT Two [YEAR0001]

- V.A. - Pro Unlimited [Comic Sans Records]

- V.A. - Sun & Wind [Imum Coeli]

- V.A. - link003 [hyperlink]

- V.A. - Crocodile Tears In A Reptilian World [raghoul]

- V.A. - Coexistence of Fantasies [Ninety Three Collective]

- V.A. - ANIMA [Soul Feeder]

- V.A. - Architecture Recordings Present: Soundwave Vol. 2 [Architecture Recordings]

great releases by friends&favourites:

- Europa - Wanted [Transatlantic]


- Evita Manji - Spandrel? [PAN]

- Bungalovv - Visited by Strangers [Genome 6.66Mbp]

- Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective - *1 [Nhạc Gãy]

- BoLs/sLoB - Esoteric Garden [Soul Feeder]

- Ex Wiish - Shards Of Axel [Incienso]

- Grant Chapman - Indentations [Métron Records]

- Simo Cell - Cuspide Des Sirenes [TemeT]

- rab neba - (A)lphoria [Imum Coeli]

- Yu Su - I Want An Earth [Pinchy & Friends]

- Quit Life - Ama Nesciri [high heal]

new artist discoveries for me:

- CORIN - Lux Aeterna [UIQ]

- Nondi - Flood City Trax [Planet Mu Records]

- Andrea - Due in Color [Ilian Tape]

- Nathan Micay - To The God Named Dream [LUCKYME]

- ABSL - It's just a bad dream [Mama told ya]

- Strategy - Graffiti in Space [Constellation Tatsu]

- Desto - Tears On Trash [Signal Life]

- herbsz - aloe vera [self-released]

- Ruhail Qaisar - Fatima [Danse Noir]

- Tujiko Noriko - Crepuscule [Editions Mego]

- Setting - Shone a Rainbow Light On [Paradise of Bachelors]

smashers for the club:

- S. Murk - SSBB005 [Super Sonic Booty Bangers]

- Anmon - ... multiple double singles on [YUKU]

- Cocktail Party Effect - Fixing the Roof [Nervous Horizon]

- 3Phaz - Ends Meet [Souk Records]

- Minor Science - 064 [AD 93]

- Thys, Nikki Nair & Two Fingers - Break Through [VISION]

- Dansa - Kill The Body And The Head Will Die [Palidrone]

big ones by the big ones:

- Oneohtrix Point Never - Again [Warp Records]

- Holly Waxwing - The New Pastoral [PC Music]

- Evian Christ - Revanchist [Warp Records]

- Minor Science - Absent Friends Vol. 3 [Balmat]




Kumo Communication //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Callahan & Witscher - Boiler Room

Bug bus piano

Voice Actor - Fake Sleep (STROOM.tv)

Asleep Country - Fake Opulent (New Motion)

Next Year's Snow

a. nonaj - paradoxically perhaps (self released)

Pretty V

DJ Ramon Sucesso - Sexta dos Crias (Lugar Alto)

botsu vs nul - Revolver (self released)

Lil B - BasedGods Pro Skater (Basedworld Records)



nondi_ - Flood City Trax (Planet Mu)

satomimagae - Awa(Expanded) (RVNG Intl.)

Vektroid - cRASH 1 (self released)

imryll ~ hold me irl (surf)

Hài Độc Thoại - Hài Độc Thoại 2 (self-released)


食品まつりa.k.a foodman - Uchigawa Tankentai (Hyperdub)

Roberto Musci, Giovanni Venosta - A Noise, A Sound (soave)

Mukqs - Stonewasher (Hausu Mountain)




mappa //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Martyna Basta - Slowly Forgetting, Barely Remembering (Warm Winters Ltd.)

Bolka - smutné stropy (LOM)

Bungalovv - Visited by Strangers (Genome6.66Mbp)

Decolonize Your Mind Society - A Second Invitation To An Uninterrupted Katabatic Lens (Hunnia Records﹠Film Production )

pablo diserens & the ocean comm/uni/ty - upstream ensemble (Forms of Minutiae)

E/I - extension​/​immersion (Instant Classic)

Richard Hronský - CLOSURES (Warm Winters Ltd.)

Tomáš Knoflíček - Serendipity (laaps)

Piotr Kurek - Smartwoods (Unsound)

Piotr Kurek - Peach Blossom (Mondoj)

Line Gate - Trap (mappa)

Adela Mede - Ne L​é​pj a Vir​á​gra (mappa, Warm Winters Ltd.)

Fausto Mercier - glare (Genot Centre)

Miaux, Lieven Martens - The Pels Organ and Hemony Carillon (Edições CN)

Svitlana Nianio - Transilvania Smile, 1994 (Shukai)

Svitlana Nianio & Tom James Scott - Eye of the Sea (Skire)

One of You - S​/​T (Little Axe Records)

Opla - GTI (Pointless Geometry)

paszka - lapton (Gin&Platonic)

Lucie Páchová - Крънджилица (Skupina)

Julek Ploski - Hotel *​*​*​*​* (Orange Milk Music)

Pmxper - Pmxper (Smalltown Supersound)

Richter Band - Smetana (Infinite Expanse)

Raphael Rogiński - Talàn (Instant Classic)

Amelie Siba - Gently Double A (Day After Records)

Symposium Musicum - Symposium Musicum (mappa)

Šimanský Niesner - Jako Doma (Korobushka)

Oleksandr Yurchenko Recordings Vol. 1, 1991-2001 (Shukai)

PS: Ecco2K | Boiler Room: Stockholm




Nonlocal Research //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Rennek - The Outland Devices (ETCS)

Alejandro Palacios - Sopena (self-released)

Otto Willberg - The Leisure Principle (Black Truffle)

Alberto Juscamaita Gastelú - Reminiscence of Raktako: Huayno from Cuzco and Ayacucho 1930 - 1940 (Hanuna)

Lyo Tabao - ukiuki time [2021​~​2022] (Ukiuki Atama) 

Eve Aboulkheir - Hypnagogic Walks (KRAAK)

Bravo Tounky - Multigolf (Cutter sans lame // Amour sans cœur)

Señor Service - Il Fanciullo d'Europa (self-released)

Señor Service - Don't Panic (self-released) 

AtomTM - Soft Opening (NN)

El Manantial - El Manantial (IKUISUUS)

jung dj - capsule / k improv (self-released)

èvia - cold (Lillerne Tapes)

Tone Bog - PsyDungeon Hagiograph (COPYRIGHT420)

Forces - Chim​æ​ras (mappa) 

Voronhil - Pantomima (CLAM)

Kuthi Jin - Satyrikon (CLAM)

Dilian - (Bmfr) Beam Former (Artetetra)

Reptilian Expo - Cunti (Artetetra)

Mondoriviera - Frenton Cantolay (Artetetra)

keisuke s_d_ - Movement of Multiple Points (Pampsychia)

Ikävä Pii - Turbo Lento (Pampsychia)

Gildas Bouchaud et Gaëtan Arhuero - GiGa Split (Fenêtre Ovale)

Lavina Yelb - En vivo en Chile (hacele)

Hochiwah - Ice Pocono (self-released)

usof - Wish You Were Nicer (enmossed)

Splash Blade - Live from The Edge of Eternia (Precision Audio) 

lata - omega mixtape II (self-released)

O A K M I L K - ozone & cyanide perfume, buried, covered in undergrowth (self-released)

Babsy Konate - Tounga (Sahel Sounds)

Kaloan - Jacunã (Kimuso)

Neuro... No Neuro - kawaii (​か​わ​い​い​) EP (self-released)

Lamina - Bajo Tierra (wabi-sabi)

Zachary Utz - Pop Wheelies (sound as language)


Rainbow Island - Moonlit Panacea (RIFORMA)

Nuke Watch - World Gone M.A.D. (The Trilogy Tapes)

Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes - Point Software Summonings (IW)

Txetext - Ananke (PHO BHO)

Laurel Halo - Atlas (Awe)

Paul DeMarinis - 3 Easel Studies for Wendy Rogers (self-released)

Iku Sakan - OMNITOPOEIA (iriai verlag)

csocsó - Deux jumelles mangeant leur chien (self-released)

Pierre Pierre Pierre - Excursions au Pays des Digiblobs (Biome Tapes)

Market - Lava Trouble (Artsy Records)

Flavia Buttinelli - Labirinti Modulari (Musica Esoterica)

SAX TAPE - Tape (Villa Recordings)

Karin Ferrari / Francesco Fonassi - Freaky Fairy Flux Foundation (Villa Recordings)

Dubble Trouble - Anthology (self-released)

Ervin Omsk - Schmalster Point (Orange Milk Records)

Signal Quest - Hypermyth (Orange Milk Records)

galen tipton - brain scratch (self-released)

Liz Durette - Primordial Soup (self-released) 

Seljuk Rustum - Cardboard Castles (Hive Mind)

Atte Elias Kantonen - a path with a name (SODA GONG)

C3 S R - Live at A​.​R​.​X. (A.R.X.) 

Matt Robidoux - Music For Aluminum Corn (Crash Symbols)

Anders Lauge Meldgaard - The Art of Playing the Fantasia (SUNARKRECORDS)

JC Leisure - A Courtyard! (SUNARKRECORDS)

Matteo Coffetti - Delphinine Capriole (Nostro Hood System)

Timelash - Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities (Aguirre)

SG - For Lovers Only / Rain Suite (Faitiche) 

Sir Liselot - Terra Morfi (Artsy Records)

hogobogobogo - 'pepsi​/​coke - An Electronic Sound Poetry Transmission' (i.u)

V/A - From computer with love (vol​.​5) (Dautzenberg Press)

Laff & Wow - Laff & Wow (Beatbude) 

Delmore Fx - Post Celebrity Reels (self-released)




Orange Milk //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

はりつけ - 死と遊ぶ (Crucifixion - Playing with Death) (self-released)

100 Gecs - 10,000 Gecs (Atlantic)


Amaarae - Fountain Baby (self-released)

Andy Loebs - Auto Focusing (self-released)

Armand Hammer - We Buy Diabetic Test Strips (Fat Possum)

Astra King - First Love (PC Music)

BBBBBBB - Positive Violence (Deathbomb Arc)

Bendik Giske - Bendik Giske (Smalltown Supersound)

Chumquimamani-Condori - DJ E (self-released)

DJ RaMeMes - Sem Limites (QTV Selo)


DJ Ramon Sucesso - Sexta dos Crias (Lugar Alto)

DJ Smiley Bobby - Dhol Tasha Drum Exercises from Maharashtra (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

Euglossine - Strawberries In Rain (sound as language)

Eyeliner - brb (My Pet Flamingo)


Fatboi Sharif and Steel Tipped Dove - Decay (BackwoodzStudioz)

Femtanyl - CHASER (self-released)

Fossilization - Leprous Daylight (Everlasting Spew Records)

Frost Children - Speed Run (True Panther)

Full Body 2 - infinity signature (self-released)

GRRL - Bug Mix (self-released)

George Clanton - Oh Rap I Ya (100% ELECTRONICA)

Gigi Masin, Rod Modell - Red Hair Girl At The Lighthouse Beach (Silentes)

Holly Waxwing - The New Pastoral (PC Music)

Jeromes Dream - The Gray In Between (self-released)

Jlin - Perspective (Planet Mu)

Kate NV - WOW (RVNG Intl.)

Klein - Touched By an Angel (self-released)

Leo Takami - Next Door (Unseen Worlds)

Leroy - Grave Robbing (self-released)

Lilocox - Drums (Lata) (Príncipe)

Lucy Liyou - Dog Dreams (개꿈) (American Dreams)

Magdalena Bay - mini mix vol. 3 (LUMINELLE)

Melissa - II (Urge Records)

Mukqs - Stonewasher (Hausu Mountain)

Mun Sing - Inflatable Gravestone (Planet Mu)

NTsKi - Calla (EM Records)

Nakibembe Embaire Group - Nakibembe Embaire Group (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

Neggy Gemmy - CBD Reiki Moonbeam (self-released)

NewJeans - Get Up (ADOR)

Nídia - 95 MINDJERES (Príncipe)

Omni Gardens - Golden Pear (Moon Glyph)

Oneohtrix Point Never - Again (Warp)

Parannoul - After the Magic (self-released)

PinkPantheress - Heaven Knows (Warner)

Roy Werner - Imagine My Surprise (Moon Glyph)

Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective - *1 (Nhạc Gãy)

STAFFcirc vol. 8 - circle (STAFFcirc)

Stang - Extestines (Blorpus Editions)

Thy Slaughter - Soft Rock (PC Music)

Titanic - Vidrio (TAR / MM / UOH)

Tujiko Noriko - Crépuscule I & II (Editions Mego)

Vektroid - cRASH 1 (self-released)

Yolabmi - Hydra (29 Speedway)

YoshimiOizumikiYoshiduO - To The Forest To Live A Truer Life (Thrill Jockey)

Yui Onodera and Takashi Kokubo - Thousand Bells (Constellation Tatsu)

Ziur - Eyeroll (HAKUNA KULALA)

foodman - Uchigawa Tankentai (Hyperdub)

galen tipton - brain scratch (self-released)

hyphyskazerbox - Manic In Your House (Suite 309)

mmph - Harvest (SVBKVLT)

toiret status - wolmhore (Blorpus Editions)



Elizabeth Parker - Future Perfect (Trunk Records)

Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru - Jerusalem (Mississippi Records)

Hiroshi Yoshimura - Surround (Temporal Drift)

Hiroyuki Onogawa - August in the Water (Mana Records)

Joanna Brouk - Sounds of the Sea (Numero Group)

John McGuire - Vanishing Points / A Cappella (Unseen Worlds)

Julius Eastman - Stay On It (Unseen Worlds)

Roger Bekono - Roger Bekono (Awesome Tapes From Africa)

Satsuki Shibano - Wave Notation 3: Erik Satie 1984 (WRWTFWW Records)




Pampsychia //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Carmen Jaci - Happy Child
 (Noumenal Loom)

Dilian - (Bmfr) Beam Former

DJ Köd - bmfr-beam-former Későn érő típus (111records)

Equohm - Tango Lento (Riforma)

èvia - cold (Lillerne)

Glass Editor - For Ming, the Clam (Next Year's Snow)

Ichigo Evil - Nee Naw Mixtape (self-released)

neuro… no neuro - compartments (Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux)

Remo De Vico - Finally the Moon

Roy Werner - Imagine My Surprise (Moon Glyph)

Voronhil - Pantomima (CLAM)




Awe IX (Quantum Natives) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Summoning - Arcenstone

Little joel Four TikToks I enjoy

Escape from Lavender Island

Hololive Mocapi streams

Bootleg Skibidee toilet plushies

Eelgrass - thatched roofs of Denmark

Joi southsea

Baran Grass

The Art of Game design: A Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell

Bouba & Kiki

AI stuff i guess

Pumpkin Kuih



Mr Amazing AKA (live set @ HYPERLOCAL/Cafe OTO)

Waraporn Pickled Mango

Bedwyr Williams “woman who lives in the shadow of her confident sister and mother” story arc




Ukiuki Atama //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


This Saturn Factory - I See Your Twisted Figure (self-released)

Syd dePalma - El Lugar de Arder (raso.)

Vallmo - Othem (Northern Electronics)

kelly garlick - our own heaven, created by the faint pulsation in your neck is our own night, as I am the angel at your bedside table (self-released)

Chuquimamani-Condori - DJ E (self-released)

VA - sweethearts (Roca)

hiyori - ・ ・​糸​束​だ​っ​た​・​・ ・ (self-released)

Tarara! - Tarara Tales! (self-released)

dj secret oatmeal - dj secret oatmeal deluxe deluxe (MISSESSCHOOLING.EDU LLC)

buddywudd - id6 (self-released)

Zulu - Hear The Sound Of My Feet (Association Fatale)

ac03x45dh3 - ​{​✶​,​✚​} (MISSESSCHOOLING.EDU LLC)

涼井夕映 - 意​が​か​た​な​れ​間​が​つ​が​い​か​悪​の​間​に (OMOIDE LABEL)

103110 - ★011301★ (s1m0nc3ll0)

Curta'n Wall - Siege Ubsessed! (Grime Stone Records)

Hayden Kolb - lost in my room (TT)

Miriamdola - winter compilations (self-released)

VA - rocmas (Roca)


DJ SAUCY SPAGHETTI/ DJ ELM PARK - Towerhillstation (self-released) 

Afraid of the Dark? - As Good As It Gets (self-released)

Magnetic Star - Mirage (self-released)

virtualharry - Microballad-biodata24 (tender yet vigorous - edit, 2023) (self-released)

laenip - ₘᵤₛᵢ𝄴c ::/ Cherry Blossom Girl ( n🍒t a remix this is my stereo cherry) (self-released) 

𝕃𝑜𝓃𝓎❄𝕁𝒾𝓃 - folie🍂❆ (self-released)

Majidi. electric midi motoCrosz - Tiktok (self-released)

堀池ゆめぁ - ひとつの青い (self-released) 

203249318_09132005 - ☼ e+e ⨥ MeProduced ∔ PhStProduced◌⃕ Blend (self-released)

mage,, sindral - La fenêtre // a guts story𓐁 𓐂 𓐃 (self-released)

iVy - A horde sleeping underground (self-released)

fuki - トライアンフで誘ってよ (self-released)
















111records //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Ásványvíz2 SUTA -Igric (self release)

V/A - Healer (EXILES)

Fausto Mercier – Misinput Tycoon (Genot Centre RIP)


julek ploski – Matcha Latte, Contemplation EP (Dyspensa Records)

talpah – KKUURRSSEE (Hundebiss Records)

Toiret Status – He (Orange Milk)

MYEN – CALIBAN (self release)


yibai – Rianás (EXILES)

Antony No Limit - Collision Extr​ê​me (from La Darude presents Tekno Kawaii vol​.​2 by Various Artists) (Tekno Kawaii)

V/A - Safe Cloud Tapes03 (Safe Cloud)

V/A - Feyrûse (Shelter)

Prazen radio ne stoji pokonci! Podpri RŠ in omogoči produkcijo alternativnih, kritičnih in neodvisnih vsebin.

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