Doubling (yarn)*

Doubling (yarn)*

13. 10. 2012 - 23.00

* "doubling (yarn) is the process of combining two or more lengths of yarn into a single thread" wiki

"seveda se ne pogovarjamo o scenah..." loop

"tripling" loop

"i’m an advanced beginner knitter. my question is this // if yardage for 2 different types of __________ is approximately the same, but one is __________ and one is __________, how does that affect things?" thedietdiary

"Electronic music is a term for music created using electronic devices. This genre of music is loosely referred to as techno. While this is incorrect, techno IS one of the many genre's of electronic music, also known as EDM, electronic dance music. While some consider electronic music to be nerd music, many would be shocked to learn that their beloved hip-hop is actually electronic music, made with computers, synthesizers, and drum machines. While the basis of techno and hip-hop are the same, EDM is a mindblowing musical masterpiece, can sometime sound like a classical symphony with a hard-hitting bassline." experimental%20dance

"Not musical comedy (though I love that)." unserious music



Clipping - Block
Danthrax - Among The Clipping
Emptyset - Collapse
Jeff Carey - Lag
Grischa Lichtenberger - 66 audio
Danthrax - Skip The Time
Emptyset - Core
Danthrax - Deathrax
Grischa Lichtenberger - UU78
Akiko Kiyama - If I Had a Pair of Shoes (Laurine Frost Remix)
Madteo - Bugler Gold Pt 1
Dave Aju - Listen To Your Heartbeat
Andrew Ashong & Theo Parrish - Flowers

** Emptyset konec novembra prihajata na Metelkovo...

*** za namig Madtea in wannabe Rožičast prehod v zimo - hvala FFWD!


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