1. 9. 2012 - 23.00

Start with questions, not data


"Instant __________ works because it is very simple,very fast and delivers actionable insight directly to the right people." health feedback

"Waiting for __________ to be made complete and pure before analysis will not lead to actionable insights in this lifetime." cool data



Dale Cornish - Glacial Pattern 2
Dale Cornish - Glacial Pattern 3
Renato Rinaldi - 08
Marcus Schmickler - Bari Workshop B
Scald Rougish - BnS 2
Scald Rougish - BnS 3
Mark Fell - SOA-2
Mark Fell- SOA-3


"In general, __________ means to allow a positive value and a negative value to set-off and partially or entirely cancel each other out." wiki

Time Machine with acoustic input and output
LEGO Turing Machine

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