Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol.3

Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Vol.3



A1 –The Shade (5) All Is Gone
A2 –The Young Strangers She's Gone
A3 –The Rogues (9) Opportunity
A4 –The Tempos* All That I Really Want
A5 –The In-Set* They Say
A6 –Skip Ellis Ice Cube Girl
A7 –The Fathoms (2) Down To The Sea
A8 –The Torques It's Me Not You
A9 –The Kinetics* Little Girl
B1 –Apollo's Apaches* Boss (Be Good To Me)
B2 –The Vespers (2) Will She Love Me
B3 –The Impalas (4) Mass Confusion
B4 –The Poverty Five* Just Like Me
B5 –Eddie Day (2) And The Night Timers How To Be A Musician
B6 –Edges Of Wisdom That Lonely Road
B7 –The Herd (2) Things Won't Change
B8 –ThisIsIt (2) Needles And Nightmares


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