6. 10. 2012 - 0.01

Žanrska eklektika v tokratnem RBMA Radio Showu! Posnetek škotskega dvojca Optimo iz Ruby Lounga v Philadelphii...

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Hi Carl, great post as always.I was also in India rcenetly and had a very similar experience. Our team had been asked to lead a Leprosy Camp event and so we planned the service' and walked to the gathered people. On the way, our leader, tells us there are so many people gathered, they are going to split them into two groups and can we lead both of them. I offered to speak to this second group and asked our heavenly Father for inspiration. The only thought in my head was the word masterpiece'. So I spoke to these victims of leprosy about how they were God's masterpiece, made by Him, loved by Him, valued by Him, protected by Him and then, after songs and distribution of food, we prayed for them individually.It was only when I saw photos when we had returned home did I notice any of the disfigured faces or limbs. I thank God that for that moment he taught me and showed me how he sees and treats people.And yes, I cried too.See you tomorrow in Stubbington. Simon(fireman sword)


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