9. 12. 2017 - 22.00

Poslušamo hude muzike in odgovarjamo na pomembna vprašanja o lajfu.





 01. Nightfall In Camp -  Cada dia
 02. Colleen -  Another World
 03. Suzanne Ciani -  Help, Help, The Globolinks! Part Two
 04. Ferdo St(e)rgar -  Malo jače
 05. Buraza -  Kdo to trka?
 06. Voidvodinja -  Lajf je prepad in je gora
 07. Ferdo St(e)rgar -  Ooo
 08. Dogo Niga -  Polisi
 09. Ferdo St(e)rgar -  Ferdo St(e)rgar
 10. Buraza -  Anže
 11. Matter -  Jedla zvezde
 12. Lady Leshurr -  Glucose
 13. Lady Leshurr -  Y R U Lying
 14. Lil' Kim -  Single Black Female
 15. Lil' Kim -  How Many Licks?
 16. Colleen -  Winter Dawn







































The philosophers ran into one another in the street.
It was a whim of fate –
not one of them was missing.

Fundamental questions were not answered that day,
such as: who is happier than who,
and what purpose does happiness serve and what purpose loneliness.

They stood there together for a long time.
They held parasols over one another's heads
and decided not to flinch
and even more fervently and even more accurately to long for nothing.
They nodded.
Then they thought of someone – each of them thought of someone else –
and cast down their eyes.

They greeted one another and continued on their way.

© 2001, Toon Tellegen
From: Gedichten 1977-1999
Publisher: Querido, Amsterdam, 2001
© Translation: 2005, Judith Wilkinson


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