The Necks & Oren Ambarchi pred koncertom

3. 11. 2011 - 23.00

izbor tonya bucka;

1. a piece of music i came across by chance while getting into a "youtube" vortex is:

Of course it's no secret Miles Davis is a big influence on the Necks and this track just seems so wild and free and fresh.
Maybe it's not the perfect example of the use of minimal groove, like "In a Silent Way" or "On The Corner" ,that are perhaps the biggest influence on what The Necks would go on to do, this music here is still very inspiring.
I recently found the CD box of the complete "Jack Johnson sessions: and I have been listening to these a lot too, especially the first few tracks of the first CD. I really love the way players feature, but never seem to really solo. Everything serves the over all feeling of the track.

2. Group Doueh from the album Guitar Music From the Western Sahara. The track is Kuni Majagani.
I have been really enjoying trance qualities of this music and the rough guitar styles that bands from Niger and the Sahara regions use. The tonality having features of both Islamic scales and tuning and western blues.
I have been playing quite a bit of guitar lately (also on the new Necks record) and this has had a definite influence.

3. Also from Africa, this time Ghana, although the background of members include heritage in India, Lebanon and France.
The band is called The Psychedelic Aliens.
I've been really enjoying discovering this 60's and 70's African 'rock' music that has been coming to my attention lately, like the African Scream compilation etc..
It's great to hear music like this from Africa that is very different to the sounds of Fela Kuti or King Sunny Ade. It is new to me and shows what diverse influences were floating around.
Again, crazy guitar playing and beautiful psychedelic organ.

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