10. 6. 2024 – 23.00


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Vir: Urška Savič

V tokratnem Radar se spoznavamo z ekipo Sonoscopie, prostora kjer biva eksperimentalni zvok in se nahaja v Portu na Portugalskem. V podlagi se vrti popisana gramofonska plošča, ki je nastala kot vizualni rezultat oziroma nekakšen katalog vsakoletnega festivala kaotičnega zvoka (Som desorganizado) edicije 2021.


Som desorganizado (Disorganized Sound) is an annual meeting with several talks, concerts and sound installations focusing on the exploration of sound as a matter for musical organization. After the 2020 edition, which happened exclusively online due to well known causes, in 2021 things were becoming »normal« again – real people, real concerts, real food. We finnaly took a deep breath, as this is somehow what chracterizes these meetings: an informal way of debating important and deep aspects in music, opnening these concerts not only to the specialists but also to the general public. Over the years, Som desorganizado has been divided into two main themes. The first day focusing on new instruments, sound installations and compositional strategies, with the talks from @C (Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais, Cláudia Martinho and Erik Alalooga, and the second focusing on music collectives, organisations and independent publications, with the talks from Gretchen Blegen (Ausland, Berlin), Pedro Junqueira Maia (Atelier de Composicão, Porto) and Vítor Lopes and Rui Dâmaso (out.ra, Barreiro). Each day was complemented with a concert – trumpet player Birgit Ulher on the first, and percussionist João Dias, performing a piece by Carlos Guedes, on the second. Som desorganizado is also an attempt to organize ideas and sounds, so each year we ask a visual artist to document the meetings in a visual form that can be used later in an annual publication that complements these events. In 2021, Bruno Borges, currently writing this text manually, did it, offering an indirect sonic perspective to the contents of the meetings. As for Sonoscopia, we’ve been holding these meetings to provide answers for ourselfs too. We open our house – a sonic utopia with instruments, sound installations and records to everyone willing to share their passion for music with us. The fireplace is on, the garden emanates its charm. Let the sounds speak for themselves.



Som desorganizado 2021 / 10th and 11th December 2021 / Porto / Sonoscopia / Talk: Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela (@C), Pedro Junqueira Maia (Atelier de Composicão), Gretchen Blegen (Ausland), Cláudia Martinho, Erik Alalooga, Rui Dâmaso and Vítor Lopes (out.ra) / Concerts: Birgit Ulher (trumpet), João Dias (percussion) performing Carlos Guedes / Real time illustration: Bruno Borges / Sound installations: Sonoscopia / Production: Sonoscopia / Executive production: Patrícia Caveiro / Program: Gustavo Costa / Sound: Alberto Lopes and João Ricardo / Photography: Rui Pinheiro / Sonoscopia is a structure supported by República Portuguesa Cultura / Direção geral das artes / www.sonoscopia.pt



Eden izmed sonoskopašev, Gustavo Costa, bo tudi gost na prihajajoči 15. ediciji Radarta >>> več sledi kmalu!

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