Show 396: Mario Gauthier

1. 11. 2012 - 22.30

Montréal based audio artist and independent researcher  Mario Gauthier performed an hour-long radiophonic piece containing excerpts of writings and compositions by John Cage for the occasion of his centennial on September 5, 2012. Mario has prepared an abridged version of the original broadcast for radio, the result flows in a stream of consciousness manner weaving  Gautier voice, with Cage’s through text and and sound in  an enticing dialogue. Mario is a member of  the Montréal ensemble Theresa Transistor, and was a producer and host at The CBC in Montréal from 1986 – 2003.

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Rose:) - Wish I saw the blog yesterday .hope the Carnival was FUN(I'm sure it was)I pleayd some carols today as well(Nov. 1)!!LOLHallowe'en decor is gone and I am ready for some green and red!LUV the pic of Jamie's Bump:)


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