sHOW #502: After Artefakt: IDIOT

13. 11. 2014 - 22.30

After Artefakt is a regular radio art show byBojan Anđelković at Radio Student, Ljubljana. The show is exploring autonomous radio language in the reality of hybrid media, dealing with different media and languages, logic of sense of the words and sounds, repetition and difference. For the sound matrix this time we take experimental film of Niko Novak – IDIOT, on the eponymous novel by F.M. Dostoyevsky.


It happened in Switzerland. The first year of his therapy. At that time he was pretty much an idiot; hecould not even speak properly. One sunny morning, he climbed up a mountain..

Bojan Anđelković is an artist, philosopher and media theorist, ex-chief editor of Radio Student, and coordinator of RADAR – Open Radio Investigative Platform of Radio Student.


VOICES: ENG: Niko Novak; SLO: Polona Torkar; SER: Bojan Anđelković; RUS: Fiškin’s mother


MUSIC: Ludwig van Beethoven, »Für Elise« / Niko Novak; The Machine, »Continental Drift« / Ciniša; Ben Frost, »Leo Needs A New Pair of Shoes« / Ciniša

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