Show 697, Assisi Machine by Kerry Priest (Soundart Radio)

10. 8. 2018 - 0.05

If we could hear the voice of nature, what would it say? And could humans use technology to strengthen their connection with nature?

Starting with the music and letting this guide the story, the Assisi Machine is a thrilling murder mystery which puts electronic sound technology at the heart of the action.

The show features three drone music sound collages which help move the plot along.

Parts of the play are written in dramatic verse, a favourite form of Shakespeare and Goethe, which is almost unknown in recent times.

Script and poetry by Kerry Priest

Sound design by Tin Moth


Dr Farley – Antonia Eastwood

2nd Academic & Dr Hamilton – Tom Eastwood

Seagull & Raven– Tom Eastwood

Reporter – Linsey Fryatt

Blackbird – Linsey Fryatt


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