Show 868: LoFi Manifesto by Vienna Radia Collective

18. 11. 2021 - 22.30

For this recording we have dedicated ourselves to the Lo-Fi Manifesto, which provided the basis for a live recording and jam session. The LofiDogma was published by a Swiss cultural foundation and is inspired by the Danish film “Dogma95”.

Nine articles severely restrict the use of technology in music recording and create the charme of home-recorded music. We have adapted the manifesto, shortened it to 8 articles and explicitly allowed a synth. The rules are:

The piece must be recorded in one day.
All musicians and instruments must be in the same room.
A maximum of ten mixer channels may be used.
All channels must be mixed together into two channels during the recording.
Only equalisers and compressors may be used to influence the sound, synth is allowed!
Only one effects device may be used in the mix.
Nothing may be cut, added or corrected afterwards.
A result must be published.
What you will hear was recorded on the 31st of October 2021 at the Sendeschluss in Vienna.


Barbara Huber (noseflute, violin, xylophone and flute)
Marian Potocar (Bass and Electric Guitar)
Karl Schönswetter (Drummachine and Synth)

Idea & Research:

Peter Wetzelsberger (

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