Show 934: SONIC COLLECTIVITY by Trashkot (Guest Slot)

23. 2. 2023 - 22.30

Trashkot is the name under which artists Jo Caimo and Sjoerd Leijten have been making radio since 2018 on Radio Centraal 106.7 FM in Antwerp. SONIC COLLECTIVITY is a collage piece created from their extensive audio archive. The piece explores the invisible space in which we connect: the sonic. Artistic, activist, dadaistic, musical and other sonic collectives can be heard throughout this piece forming a massive community of resonance and resistance. The piece consists of fragments of interviews, works, music, field recordings and other hard-to-categorize audio material that could be heard earlier on Trashkot by Verena Barié, , Gerri Jäger, Jeanne-Marie Knops, Andreas Malm, numina_gneisspecker, Varkenshond, Stijn Verhoeff,  and different pieces from the radio makers themselves. The contributions by Peter Cusack, Davide Tidoni and Salomé Voegelin are fragments from the larger sonic essay RADICAL MURMUR by Trashlinie, which was published in Collateral.

Trashkot is a bi-weekly radio program by Jo Caimo and Sjoerd Leijten on Radio Centraal in Antwerp. A rancid tissue of sounds, conversations and garbage forms a shaky bridge between music and politics.

Every two weeks on Sunday from 3 pm to 4.30 pm. Radio Centraal broadcasts in and around Antwerp on 106.7 FM. Outside of Antwerp you can listen via tShhe stream:

All archived episodes can be found down here

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