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^^^^ is a primary color and cannot be created by combining other colors. Adding white to ^^^^ creates a lighter ^^^^^, and adding black to ^^^^^ creates a darker ^^^^^. ^^^^^, red and yellow are the three primary colors. Primary colors are colors that cannot be created by mixing Is it true, ^^^^ is ^^^^? It's true, it's true; ^^^^ is true and one, and only one. Your ^^^^ may not be my ^^^^, but there is a ^^^^ and it is true. True ^^^^ was what it was, is what it is, and always will be, ^^^^ and true. True True ^^^^ is a primary and cannot be made by mixing any other colors together. However, a shade, tint or color leaning from primary ^^^^ can be made by mixing black, white or another color to it.   Always be aware that whenever you mix all three primaries together in any combination you will get a color grey. There are several ^^^^s that cannot be made by mixing colors together. ^^^^s such as cerulean/azure, royal ^^^^ and turquoise are chemically created to be chromatically pure versions of that particular ^^^^.^^^^ has no tint and no hue, only ^^^^, pure ^^^^. Add a little yellow or you can add a little red, and you will no longer have ^^^^, but another color instead. It cannot be more; it cannot be less, it is true and it is Good. To add to it is to subtract from it and it is impossible to reduce the true from it. True ^^^^ has a face, but no surface; no structure, no soul. ^^^^ is an idea; a thought, and a meaningful word. Begin at the beginning to see how ^^^^ began, a beautifully basic ^^^^, simple yet sophisticated, primitive through Old stories talk about red, yellow and ^^^^ primaries, but they are wrong. In fact, yellow is correct, but what they call red is actually more magenta and what they call ^^^^ is in fact much more cyan. When you mix "yellow" and "^^^^" they teach you that you should get green, which is in fact not green but yellow-green. But who care the correct color names - Coke - Pepsi, what a different? In fact RYB theory is just a CMY subtractive theory with a wrong names.and through. It was not formed, nor did it evolve or begin in a bang, but it was created and part of a pleasing and purposeful plan. It is in our hearts, it is in our minds; it is only seen in the light, but even in the night it is there and it is beautiful and bright. This is ^^^^, that is ^^^^, but which ^^^^ is true? My ^^^^ or your ^^^^? Only Mixing things to make ^^^^…hmmmmm….the sarcasm in me wants answer that if you mix the color of the sun with the color of layers of oxygen blasted breathability combined with a touch of azure pigmentation in a powdered form you might get a generic basic ^^^^.God knows the ^^^^that is true. So it's true, it's true, there is a True ^^^^, this ^^^^ that was created and given to me and to you.any other colors together, but primary colors can be mixed together to create ^^^^ is absolutely a primary color that cannot be mixed from other colors. That said, you might be able to attain a bluish effect by using a cool gray that’s surrounded by warm, orangey tones.other colors, called secondary colors. For instance, mixing yellow and ^^^^^ together makes green, while mixing red and ^^^^^ together creates purple. Orange is created by mixing yellow and red. Both primary and secondary colors can be lightened or darkened by adding white or black respectively.

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