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29. 12. 2017 - 12.00


Hello again and welcome back to our show Erasmus on air!

We are talking about the student exchange programme as EU propaganda tool and we are going to pick up where we last left off. 

"Through its mobility policies, the EU gains the data collected in the so called Skills Panorama, a data agregat created by the EU Comission to improve Europe’s capacity to access and anticipate skill needs, to help make education and training systems more responsive to labour market needs and to better match the supply and demand of skills across Europe.

Even the private sector in Slovenia has become more aware of validation as a means of improving human resource policies and practices in companies. However, this progress does not apply to the whole private sector and is not yet widespread. A shift towards valuing competences rather than formal education certificates in the recruitment process can be observed (not yet in the public sector). This is a form of internal validation in companies that is mainly implemented with testing periods lasting between one to three months. In EU's point of view, employability is understood just as a combination of factors which enable individuals to progress towards their careers." 

Further more:

"Key findings aboout pros of E+ say that by increasing the probability that graduates will work abroad, study abroad programs may especially benefit students who seek to pursue an international career. And another point which claims that study abroad programs may improve the employment prospects of students from relatively disadvantage backgrounds. But sadly no one can choose their own future unless sholarships are provided. And here we are trapped in a loop of indirect funding which comprises nearly 80% of the EU budget, mainly through 5 big funds that come under the umbrella of the European Structural and Investment Funds."


Tune in and listen to the show! 



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