The Superpower of employ-ability

The Superpower of employ-ability

30. 12. 2017 - 14.00


This is our last show Erasmus on air!

It is time for conclusion on our Erasmus journey. It has been an aimless journey, because everything is still in the sample points.

"But there are definitly some more drawbacks on study programes abroad. University student may decide to spend some time abroad during their study not because they want to grow academically and professionally, but because they seek adventure and excitement. 

It is important to note, that among these drawbacks, abscentia from one's local community and it's dynamics is the most severe.  It is there, that a student has the most in-depth and wide range knowledge in its primarly meaning. Exchange in some ways prevents young people from organising in their own local areas which is often recognized as grass-roots political organizing. Instead of that real awarness they prepare special subjects on citizenship on global level which is paradoxicaly in more levels."

It is very hard to come to any final thesis because everything about E+ is too commercialized for the greater cause. Listen.

"A revealed document „Erasmus impact study“ by European Commission in which has participated almost 80.000 respondents from 34 European countires, claims that unemployment rate for E+ students is 23% lower five years after graduation in comparison to other graduates. And one from three trainees got job quicker than others (by being offered a position from host company after graduation).

Data gathered from employers in the same study also show that 92% are looking for persons with great „transversal skills“ (remember?) and at the same time it shows importance of international experience for higher employment rates and greater possibilites to get a job when recruitment is going on." But some other critical studies show that none of the special skills specifically developed only through E+ experience. It can be gained also in many other contexts like travelling or being away from the known. 


That's all folks! Tune in for more and keep on rolling.

Wishing you all the best in the last days of the year coming to a close.  SREČNO 2018!




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