Too good to be wasted

Too good to be wasted

4. 4. 2016 - 12.00

This monday we are going to talk about food waste which is a major problem nowadays that goes along with environmental issues, hunger etc. is an online platform which allows people to save and distribute food that would have otherwise landed in trash bins. Over the last three years, 1000 volunteers have saved and shared more than 3.7 million kilograms of food from being thrown away in supermarkets and shops. The initiative aims to reduce food waste and create change in society. The successive project wants to live up to the success of Foodsharing by spreading the idea of sharing food to every other thing you can imagine. Join us in the show and learn about food waste and listen to Raphael Fellmer, one founder of the movement of Foodsharing in Germany.

With us will be activist Fenja from Germany.

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