A Session With Issiaka Sanou

A Session With Issiaka Sanou

Kulturna ali glasbena novica
Issiaka Sanou
17. 9. 2017 - 12.00

Issiaka Sanou


Issiaka Sanou (born 25.1.1988) is a professional percussionist, singer, songwriter and composer from Burkina Faso,
He is from Bobo-Dioulasso which is a city in Burkina Faso with a population of about 537,728; it is the second largest city in the country,
after Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso's capital.

Salif Sanou,his cousin briefed him as a little boy about playing djembe and dunun and included him in his musical group Dioulasso Ba Percussion.
With his help, he became a virtuoso percussion per dunun, which enabled him to join the Djeliya group at the age of 10 with which,
in addition to many concerts in Burkina Faso in 2000, they presented themselves at the international festival in Germany and at the National Week of
Culture in Burkina Faso. Seydou Dao was appointed as a teacher of the group, who helped Issiaka upgrade his knowledge of playing djembe.

In 2000, Issiaka Sanou joined Zouman Dembélé, who taught a group of rhythms called balanfone. In teaching, Zoumana Dembéle emphasized the composition and
co-operation between individual instruments, as well as other elements balanfone such as singing and dancing.
Issiaka's basic role in the group was playing a  drums, a bar and a shekere instrument, as well as singing traditional bassoon balances.

At the end of 2004, he joined the Foliba group for 4 years under the baton of world-renowned musician Adam Drama. The teaching of Adama Drama was based
on the sniffing of proper darts, the exchange of gentle and powerful blows, the understanding of rhythm and tempo, and the percussion sensation of their

Since 2005, Issiaka has regularly attended tutorials at the Haroun Dembélé virtuoso at Djemba. The emphasis on the exercises was the correct execution of
velocity blows rhythm and the ability of long intense speed play on the djembe.

In 2008, Issiaka moved to Slovenia. Since then, he has been actively involved with the Baobab cultural and artistic association, as a musician and co-creator
of projects, mentor of drummers, a ko-repetitor of African dance courses and a dance group Baobab. He works with many musicians: Igor Leonardi,
Matjaž Stošič, Damir Mazrek and others. and performs every year at Baofest, Lent and Trnfest.

He is the founder of the Farafinslo band, with whom he performs throughout Slovenia.

Issiaka's desire and goal is to bring his broader audience closer to African music and culture through his acting, playing on African musical instruments
and learning African drums.

Dunun lesson - with Issiaka Sanou - Sinte

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