B@D NEWS #72

28. 10. 2023 - 11.00

Welcome to the 72nd episode of Bad News – Angry voices from around the world, a monthly radio show produced by the Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Radio Network.

In this episode, we will hear contributions from:

  • The Final Straw Radio from the so-called  USA who is sharing a portion of a transcribed and re-recorded interview with three people involved or supporting the defendants in the December 8th Case in which 7 anarchists, including a former YPG fighter who goes by Libre Flot, accused of preparing a paramilitary uprising against the French state. To hear the rest of the interview, find our October 10th episode at TheFinalStrawRadoi.NoBlogs.Org, where you can also read the transcript or print off a zine of the interview. You can keep up on the case, share your solidarity actions and make donations at https://SolidarityToDecember8.Wordpress.Com
  • FrequenzA, a podcast and radioshow project from Leipzig, which prepared an interview about the Karl Helga Wagenplatz in Leipzig, which is under the threat of ever-present forces of gentrification
  • Free Social Radio 1431 AM from Thessaloniki, who shared a collection of news from so-called Greece.

This edition of Bad News was put together by Črna Luknja, anarchist radio show on Radio Student from Ljubljana.

Enjoy and keep on raging!

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