Kava z Romunom

16. 10. 2021 - 18.00

An introduction into migrant community show
 / 18. 9. 2021
In our second Enolončnica at Radio Študent, we are gonna talk about coffee. The first of October was International Coffee day and we are having a special guest from Romania to have a friendly talk. He is our nice and fun coffee roastery guy in Ljubljana for 3 years now. His shop is in the downtown in Krakovo near Hradecky Bridge (Hradeckega Most) called “Mala Pražarna”.  

We are gonna get to know our barista/roaster, his life, and the story of his roastery shop. Types of coffee how to prepare them and how to roast coffee for instance Turkish coffee style. The different kinds of processing of green coffee and also the roasting of the coffee. We will also be mention the difference between commercial and special coffee.  

Then talk about the history of the coffee. How and where it was found, how it came to Europe, how it became a big part of our lives and why exactly we drink coffee every day and also even get addicted to it.  

There are gonna be also some strait facts about coffee that the average person is not aware of.  

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